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April 05 2004

Fox cancels 'Wonderfalls'. It's a little blurb confirming the cancellation and that last Thursday night was the final episode we'll see *sniff*

There is no chance for new, innovative shows to survive unless they are reality tv... At least Jennifer Garner said "Alias" is returning next year. That's the only show I'll be watching....

They took down the website for the show as well. is no more. Dammit I knew I should have tried and saved the music video onto my laptop. As when I went to see if the video was there a couple of minutes ago I got:

"Sorry, you have arrived at a page that is no longer available.

The site is constantly being updated and improved and old pages are always being replaced with new ones. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Heh. Grrrr. Twits.
Are they trying to pretend the show never even existed???
This whole situation is so bizarre to me.

I saw Caroline D was going to be on Sharon Osbourne's talk show this Friday. Wonder if she'll still do that.
Bizarre, indeed. The vaporization of all traces of the show on the 'net reminds me of Orwell's 1984. Wonderfalls has never existed.
Minear must have pissed off the suits something fierce.
LOL. Maybe the beagle bit someone. And if so, good on it!
What's Wonderfalls? What are you on about. You crazy people, talking about imaginary really ARE hard up for some more Whedonworld....
Wonderfalls.....objects talking to a THAT would ever make it on the air....
FOX should replace the F with a C so the name would sound more appropriate.
Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Fox and Wonderfalls?
Sharon Osbourne blurb: Plus, actress Caroline Dhavernas gives Sharon the scoop on the quirky and critically acclaimed Fox drama "Wonderfalls."

"critically acclaimed" carries about as much weight on TV as "fresh" and "natural" do in the super market.

Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Fox and Wonderfalls?

Wonderfalls... won-der-falls.... why does that sound familiar?

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Or replace the O with a U...
Or replace the O with a U...

I like your suggestion! Or we could just put them together...
Here are some nice words from a writer for the Financial Times regarding Karen Sisco, The Office, and Wonderfalls:

All three of these series will have some afterlife in the creative community that will copy them, in the critical community that will mourn their loss, and in the memories of the few million viewers adventurous enough to enjoy them before they're gone.

I just thought this was well put—and appropriate at least as far as Wonderfalls is concerned (I haven't seen the other shows).
Did anyone else notice that Wonderfalls is being replaced by reruns of a reality show about plastic surgery? How much more offensive could Fox be?
Insult to injury...
One can only hope "The Swan" fails miserably. From the looks of it, it certainly deserves to.

What bothers me isn't so much that Fox cancelled "Wonderfalls". I liked it, and I thought in its best moments (like the premiere, last week's episode) it was really terrific, but I wasn't completely sold on it yet. I'm disappointed but not exactly in mourning. I think a lot of people (including some of those hard at work making the show) accepted its cancellation as pretty much a foregone conclusion. It's not a good time for scripted television anywhere, and when you throw "quirky" and "Fox" into the mix, the show is all but doomed.

What bothers me is that Fox gave the show no chance. Four episodes in two lousy time slots and that's that. Leaving unaired episodes on the shelf is nothing new, nor is cancelling a show before it's found its audience or its voice, but they'd advertised this week's episode. To then turn around and cancel the show, refusing to even air that episode, just reveals how little faith they had in it to begin with -- and how stupid and shortsighted they really are.

The fact that "Tru Calling" has stayed on the air, despite its own lackluster ratings and "quirkiness", just adds insult to injury. I like Eliza Dushku, and, while I do not like her show, I won't fault anyone who does or demand it get pulled from the lineup. But why does it merit special treatment? And why does "Wonderfalls" merit not just cancellation but this quick and complete erradication?

That just pisses me off.
Is everyone here very stoned?

No, just the lunatic network execs...I finally got a reporter pal of mine to watch Firefly...he was fulminating about how insane the Fox programming execs were in the way they treated the show...and now this with Wonderfalls...

unreality, I don't get it either. Maddening.
After hearing news like this I could use being very stoned.
that sounds nice phlebotinin.... but i'm kinda drunk, does that count?
I'm speechless. And that takes alot. Just how brainless are these execs?

I barely saw two episodes (both very entertaining) and now it's gone???

Yet crap like "Yes, Dear" and "According to Jim" have lasted more than 2 years.

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

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