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October 26 2015

James Marsters surprises Spike fans. The Buzzfeed gang had James Marsters surprise Spike fans in this awesome video.

James is so cool! I would be beside myself if I were one of those kids in that situation, --much as I hate to admit it, i probably would _not_ completely keep my cool. (Pretty much if anyone from Buffy showed up, actually...)
I would freeze, followed by being tongue-tied, followed by making a statement so dumb, I would want to hide from all of humanity for weeks.
That was fun and an easy meet and greet for him to get a plug in for his new Twitter account. :)

It was great to hear him say non of it was improv but how can he claim to have decided to play that Spike loved Dru. The whole point of Spike's story from his arrival is that he is trying to cure her and is protective and worried for her. He might have played it up in how he acted it, really tried to draw focus to it I suppose, but it was already in the script and if it didn't meet something Joss was happy with it would have just been reshot.
@Stoney, I buy that he could emphasize the love as his choice for portraying a character that was meant to be a 'throw away'. Clearly the story line was him wanting to help Dru get better but that doesn't require a love for one's sire. There was nothing in the Angelus-Darla relationship that screamed love. Doesn't mean it wouldn't have been changed if Joss didn't like it but also doesn't mean that it wasn't James' interpretation.
That was so cute!
I've actually met him twice and he's a really lovely guy and I was totally star struck and tongue tied! These people seemed like they kept it together
I would first lose the ability to form words - then lose all tact and any notion of keeping it short and sweet, and bombard him with questions/random stuff just to prolong the conversation. My sentences would be poorly formed and insult his literary senses. Would be worth it though.
@baxter, well as I did say I could see him playing it up deliberately but I think Spike is clearly written to be besotted with Dru in the script itself from their first scene together in School Hard. How Angel/Darla were written isn't a factor and is actually more of a support to how Joss was choosing to present Spike differently and as a vamp that was more unpredictable and outside the 'norm'. In their next ep, Halloween, it even directly references his love for her between them and then Buffy banks on it in Lie to Me. That still doesn't mean he couldn't have been drawing attention to it in how clearly it showed through his performance but I just don't buy it as something he created. I just think it was so obviously always written in and very consistently so.

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