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October 27 2015

The 6 greatest modern horror films. The Cabin in the Woods takes runner-up spot in a list of the best horrors from the last 10 years.

Biggest problem: Drag Me to Hell didn't make the list. Should've been number one.
Pretty diverse list and mentions. Will say that neither "Cabin" or "Drag Me to Hell" are 'true' horror films (they're horror-comedy). "Black Swan", "The Orphanage", and "Pan's Labyrinth" are more like dark fantasy dramas (with elements of horror/suspense).

I would also add "Trick 'r' Treat" to this list. Recent films like "The Final Girls" and "Tales of Halloween" are also wonderful and genre-bending.
I agree Drag Me To Hell should have been on that list - hilariously scary! That site also has Dana from CitW listed on their horror heroines post as well.
I saw the Chloe Moretz/Richard Jenkins version of Let the Right One In and thought it was just OK. Should have watched this one.

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