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April 05 2004

NPR's "Day to Day" runs story about the "Save Angel" campaign.

I wish I was there!! With all this publicity you would think that the WB would get a clue as to what they are giving up. Then again I am talking about network exec's.... Thanks binky for the link...
What about Pepper's son and the autism thing?!

Very cool interview; I really liked the last fan's comment about how fighting the good fight is a major theme of Angel. People who heard the interview on their radio might become new fans now.
The last interview made me tear up.
...fighting the good fight indeed.
"Tear up" laughing or "tear up" getting misty-eyed?
Misty eyed. I feel that way about saving the show, that it's fighting the good fight, fighting the Forces of Darkness (network Execs), trying to help the helpless (the fans) and all that. It just makes me think about everything Angel and the crew have been through in their struggles to fight evil. The friends they've lost and the lessons they've learned and the strong bond between them through out everything. It gets me all verklempt. *sniff*
Well put. I haven't been a Buffy/AtS fan for very long but watching shows like these makes me realize how amazing TV can be when it's done by the right hands.
I'm pretty new to the 'verse too. I started watching the DVDs a little over a year ago and at the same time was watching the shows as they aired. I was able to catch up quickly!
It's addictive, you just can't stop watching! So I got caught up pretty darn quickly too.

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