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October 28 2015

EW's list of butt-kicking women in movies/TV. It includes who you're probably thinking of.

Ming-Na Wen, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Agent Melinda May was nicknamed The Cavalry for a reason, and it involved single-handedly taking down a large number of people in order to make a rescue. But that's only one example of why she's one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s biggest weapons. Example number two? Her finale beat down of Agent Ward, which ended with him having a fractured larynx. —Samantha Highfill

But she didn't? It was the inhuman girl...
It in Includes Buffy and May. From the Whedonverse you could have added Faith, Illyria, River and Black Widow. If you include women who use magic to kick butts, add Willow, Scarlet Witch and Daisy.
Finally doing the title right!
I can see why Faith and Illyria are left out. Faith is only an occasional and supporting character, and Illyria is a demon - arguably not really a butt-kicking woman at all. But River Tan? And Black Widow?

And I hate that that picture of Buffy keeps being reused. She's not holding a stake, she's holding a bloody knife, and it's from Faith's nightmare of Buffy stalking and killing her with her own knife - the one the Mayor gave her. It's a completely out of character image of the heroic slayer.
I am so glad that Maggie Q (Nikita) was included. Such a terribly underrated actress from a terribly underrated show.

I'm not a fan of the show, but I'm surprised to see Xena excluded from this list?
Was I really the only one who thought Zoe would be a shoo-in?
Winchester - Xena is actually in there. She's slide #16.

All my favorites except River are in there. Buffy, May, ALIAS's Sydney, Xena, Ripley, Sarah Connor.

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