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October 30 2015

Buffy's David Fury talks about his Halloween episode "Fear, Itself". "Joss always makes everything better, and he is the one who added the exchanges at the end where she [Anya] said bunnies frighten her."

Interesting side-note- the first ROSEANNE Halloween episode premiered the same year that Joss worked as a writer and story editor for the show. Coincidence? Perhaps.
Fear, Itself is a great, fun episode. Joss may have added the bunnies thing, but Fury brought the funny with the whole Gachnar bit. I laugh like a drain every time I see it: "Who's a little fear demon?" etc. etc.
It's nice to see 'Fear, Itself' getting praise alongside 'Halloween'. It's such a good episode and I wonder if it's underrated because people always compare the two.
This has always been a favorite episode of mine.
I love "Fear, Itself" so much I took my user name from it.
Fear, Itself, for those who have the Pivot Channel is on at 7pm Pacific time tonight, as part of the marathon today. Go Buffy!

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