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November 03 2015

The name's Bond, Sarah Michelle Bond. Time has the Slayer in 12th place in its list of possible replacements for Daniel Craig (if he chooses to leave 007). A little bit further down the list, Chiwetel Ejiofor would be an excellent choice.

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Not that we should focus on such things, but I think SMG should get a 4 in the sex category. Buffy had more than 4 sex scenes for sure, not even counting her other work. However, it seems like they are only counting film work, not TV work. Still, just feels like our girl should be tied for 6th! :)
I wish there were points for puns.
My first thought - Yeah SMG! My second thought - where's Idris Elba, who is my super Perfect Bond?

So I thought why? Why isn't Elba high up on the list? He's at 74!

My only guess is that he has not had the cool film parts these other actors had. And then I looked at the list again.

It's terrible when I really think about it. Please tell me I'm wrong! I see Hugh Jackman is low too.

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Idris Elba would be great, but my guess is the producers would go for someone younger in order to get more movies out of the actor, given that it now takes 3-4 years between movies.
I just wish someone would give Sarah another great role. She's an excellent actress. She just needs good material.
I vote Chiwetel Ejiofor. (For pretty much everything, really, but he'd definitely make a great Bond.) Of the Whedonverse women, I'd say Olivia Williams. With SMG - I can see going with a woman, but not an American woman.
I found a mistake! Sarah has 4 sex scenes, the site just has a indexation error.
The problem with a lot of these guys is they are WAY too obvious, which is why they'll never get cast. Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and a TON of those peeps are just wayyyyy too obvious. They'll pick someone we weren't thinking about or haven't heard of.
Seth Green is also 74th on the list - less obvious choice I think!
Remember, there are, like, *50* people at 74. Including David Tennant, and some other really interesting people.

A lot of the names just made me smile....

And also remember, they are using a very specific point system, so their ratings make sense within their system. What I'm "amused" by is how many of the men rate so "poorly" in the sex category, where women do much "better." No surprise ... but where are the men with whom they are having sex?


Still, a fun list. I really enjoyed reading through it.
IMO Daniel Craig was excellent Bond. They got him at a great time too, he had done some really good movies and was kind of up and coming in the industry. I think the next Bond will be someone similar career- wise. Personally I would love Idris Elba, but I do fear the powers that be will think he is too old, silly...I think he is perfect.

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