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April 05 2004

There may be hope that Wonderfalls could live on... in Canada. Apparently Wonderfalls got great ratings in Canada, and Global (the Fox equivalent in Canada) is considering buying the series.

Although I don't live in Canada, I'm happy that the show could get a chance anyway. If it does well in Canada, there is a good chance it could go out on DVDs.
Another reason for me to hate Canada.
Don't hate, appreciate. :P

I was initially surprised that they had been canceled at all. I live in Canada and I'm surprised that even the teachers have been discussing Wonderfalls with the students so it's no shock that it's gotten good ratings. If only Global would air Tru Calling. Being in Canada, I've only seen about 3 episodes of it. Tear.
thats fine by me, if it means possibly more episodes and DVD thats enough for me.
Another reason to love Canada. I say that as a U.S. citizen. Canada is a great nation. Period. Even if Global doesn't end up buying Wonderfalls.
"Wonderfalls" was already cancelled in Canada, due to low ratings, a few days before it was cancelled in the US. It is true that the premiere was big it CA, but after that I guess the audience lost interest. Global has already replaced "Wonderfalls" with JAG reruns or something.
I go to college in upstate New York which is very close to the Canadian border, would i get this show if it gets picked up on the Global network on CTV or CBC?
Snooped around Globalīs website, they have a newspiece that seems similar to the AP one on CNN, only there's a non-free reg. req. to read all of it. Got a good laugh out of the title - at first I kept asking myself who's Jim, and why would he say Wonderfalls lives on...

Is there precedent for something like this? I know the last eps of Jeremiah season 2 already aired in Canada while Showtime postponed them to sometime later this year, but that's not really the same thing, as MGM's producing Jeremiah. "Buying Wonderfalls" actually means "Buying Wonderfalls from FOX".
I will sell myself to any Canadian to get videotapes of the episode if this happens! Gah.
Almost makes one wish one were Canadian...
With the way things are in the U.S. right now, I often wish I were Canadian.
My ancestors helped found Canada, there's a river and a university bearing my name.
I loathed Canada the two times I was there (in '76 and '87) but I take it things have improved since then.
Here here, Phlebotinin. If I'm abroad, I plan on telling people I'm Canadian instead of American. Will save me from scowls and death threats, I presume.

And I've been to Canada once and found it very nice and clean. And my hubby has some Canadian clients and they are the most polite people in the world! Or maybe it just seems that way because some of his American clients are asses.....
Which brings up a question I've had about the series...From my one visit to Canada, it seems that the Wonderfalls Gift Shoppe is on the Canadian side of the falls. I've never seen it stated in the series; but do the Tylers live in Canada or in the States?

(And may Canada prosper should Global pick up this show!!!)
Great if it happens, I am Canadian
Wow, Simon, your family founded Simon Fraser University? Impressive.
The Tylers live in the US, but it's cheaper to film on the Canadian side.
Like a lot of American shows/movies, it's supposed to be the States, but it's filmed in Canada. Not just in Niagra either, during the pen tracheotomy scene they're driving down Yonge Street and at one point when Jaye's standing by the fountain you can see the wind turbine from Toronto's lakeshore behind her.
And the train station in the "nun" episode was Union Station which is in downtown Toronto (yay home team!)
I went to Niagara Falls New York for one of my daughter's dance competitions. What a dismal place (or at least that parts I saw were). I wasn't surprised to learn the show was filmed on the Canadian side. Fortunately I have also been exposed to Santa Cruz, Yosemite, New York etc. Where were you were visting Caroline?
(OT) In 76 it was Vancouver. Our hosts were boring and unimaginative and we were at that time inexperienced travellers. In 87 it was Sasketoon, again, my hosts weren't ideal. Both times it was like setting the clock back to the '50s. Small minds and no view beyond the country or province. Son of the family asked if we had any gays in The Netherlands (cause gay people = scary and funny) and their views on Indians/Native Americans (pick whatever you like best) were racist. Not a good experience.

It was bad luck. I spent a few hours in Toronto on a stop over and had a great time just shopping in a mall... more fun than both trips put together.
Well, I sent an email to the programming department in Toronto and here the answer I got:

From : Richardson, Jaime (CIII)
Sent : April 6, 2004 1:41:19 PM
Subject : RE: Wonderfalls

Unfortunately Fox the US originating network has cancelled Wonderfalls. Therefore the series will no longer be aired on Global or Fox.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 1:12 PM
Subject: Wonderfalls

I was wondering what the chances are of Wonderfalls continuing to air in Canada? I understand that the ratings here were pretty good, and I know they've completed several more episodes that haven't aired.

I don't know if the left hand is talking to the right at Global... I emailed as well, and got the same reply as Kim. It's a shame really; I became all patriotic for a second. It's also kind of funny -- I sent out a mass email coaxing ppl to email Global. They must think we're all insane.

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