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November 03 2015

Candidates for Captain in the Star Trek tv reboot. Two Whedonverse alumni make the wishlist.

My first thought was Gina Torres. Michelle Forbes would be awesome in the role, too.
Ro Laren captain of the Enterprise. Or is it Helena Cain?
I find it interesting that SMG's name keeps popping up on these lists.
Of course if Castle ends, then Nathan Fillion would make a great captain, but that might be too on the nose!
Love Michelle Forbes, but she didn't want to be on DS9 I highly doubt they'd even consider bringing her on.

I love so many of those choices. Hire them all.
OK. Randomly I've decided that Gina Torres should be captain, SMG should be the doctor, Yvonne is the engineer, and Michelle Rodriguez is the science officer. Matt Boomer is the yeoman. That's cool with everyone, right? (As long as Alan Tudyk gets a guest spot, but survives the episode.) ;)
NYPinTA -- I love so many people on the list as well, I'm finding it hard to choose. Your lineup sounds good to me :)
If our future is truly a diverse place, I think Gina Torres is just the ticket and she is an extremely present and charismatic actress. I have to say though, not a good acting gig for work/life balance. I was shocked and saddened watching William Shatner's The Captains documentary, learning every single one of them, from Shatner to Brooks to Bakula had failed marriages/relationships and guilt over time spent away from their children because the job was so all-consuming. I wouldn't wish that on Gina, no matter how much I'd love to see her in a starring role.
There was a good interview with Elizabeth Henstridge about last week's episode where she said she understands the time and energy needed for a lead drama role now. And she mentioned that the best advice she got was to treat the job like she was a professional athelete. That would hopefully be how it would go for a new Trek lead as well.
They should all stay waaaaaaaaaaay away from that project.
Gina Torres! Yay! Nathan Fillion! SMG! Although I would, of course, be very sad if their personal lives went to h***. But I would think, if the new person paid attention, he or she could make sure their contract stipulated reasonable hours.
Why's SMG the only one without a show reference next to her name? Other than Ken but I kinda get him, he didn't star in an American show.

And yes, Gina can totally sit in the captain's chair.

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Yes, and Gina would not be a captain you could address thusly: "Take me sir, take me hard" (without the'am?). I think that's grounds for immediate dismissal from Starfleet!
Mirage - SMG is by now a known name?
I like Gina Torres as Captian, although I love Matt Bomer in everything I have seen him in so far too. I would suggest adding Alexis Dennisoff as a possibility too.

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