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November 03 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x06 "Among Us Hide...". The episode was written by Drew Z. Greenberg and directed by Dwight Little.

(I had a bad day. So I'm eager.)
I had a tooth pulled today for the first time since my wisdom teeth were taken in 1974. I think that qualifies for bad-daydom, too. So this might make the screaming gap in the back of my mouth shut up for a while.
Woo hoo! First time I've been able to watch live for a few weeks now.
So Ward represents today and May represents what we want to do to today.
Welcome to episode 50 of Agents of SHIELD.
Checking In!!!!!

And Andrew is lying.

[ edited by hann23 on 2015-11-04 03:03 ]
Hunter got lucky.
That was chilling! "Yeah. I'm back."
I think Andrew is lying, too, hann23.
Or, he's hiding out as a SHIELD agent.
Ha. I don't think I'd ever want to be tested by May...
Mockingbird and the Cavalry.....

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2015-11-04 03:09 ]
Hate to see May lose control if she was pushed.
If Andrews is an Inhuman they are doing a decent job of obfuscating it.
You know though, that kid that attacked Andrew seemed a lot more freaked out than just because his kill job went south...
How will May react if Andrew is Lash?
Exactly NYPinTA - he looked way over the top freaked.
Or Andrew is some other monster.
Their angry flirting cracks me up.
"That's really specific..." hahaha.
"That's really specific."

Oh, Fitz. Laughing.

(Hey, everyone!)
Not sure if Hunter would be the best for those advices....
"Angry flirting" is a nice way to put it, NYPinTA.
Uh oh... I'm calling this a red herring... because it's too shifty and obvious.
"Banks" - so, it's not Banks?
@javelina, it just fits them so much! They crack me up.
Hunter feeling useless, is kind of adorable.
I'm mad at Hunter but feel bad for him too. Aw, poor Hunter.
Poor desperate Hunter.
This will probably be a very Simmons-lite episode, considering how much heavy lifting Elisabeth did last week....
Why are you mad at Hunter, NYPinTA?

They probably filmed the two episodes simultaneously, Numfar.
For trying to take the shot at Ward even though Andrew was in danger.
Love those glasses!
Yes, that was mean.
It's impossible to stay mad at Hunter.

Nebula, you're probably right about the filming schedule.
Maybe Banks is Hydra? The red herring for the red herring?
There was a Thatcher biographies joke in the Sherlock episode "Hounds of Baskerville."

I am way too geeked out. Sigh.
Hunter you moron! Nice try Bobbi!
Oh, Hunter. javelina_kid and I are laughing hysterically.
I can't help it. I'm laughing at Hunter's... impulsiveness.
I agree with javelina. It's hard to remain angry at Hunter, even when he pulls a stunt like he just did.
Oh Hunter.... OMFG.
Or the next stunt he just did. I had a mouthful of wine and the "blood draw" was damn near a spit take.
I tuned in halfway and omg all my jokes about Phil and Rosalind hate-dating have come true.
Well that was a waste of food...
I'm really hoping, Sunfire, that the Coulson/Rosalind thing does NOT happen. But they're certainly having fun aiming us that way.
Something is bothering me, starting to wonder if we might get another big death from the main cast by the mid-season finale. We did lose Tripp last year....
Especially with this episode, with so many people who escaped death.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2015-11-04 03:41 ]
Please please please Fitz don't be lying.
ahhh Fitz gave the Dwarves stealth mode.
"Tensions are running high," says javelina-kid in a stagey announcer's voice.

He ain't wrong.
Ok... so no, not happy to see Coulson just watching. But what else is he supposed to do? He's getting a tour. He can't pitch a fit in the middle of it. *takes a calming breath*
I was thinking the same thing, Numfar. They need to thin the herd. My son thinks it's going to be Coulson. I'm thinking Andrew, but maybe the talk about a spin-off with Bobbi and Hunter is a misdirect.
Are they giving people the choice though?
I am unable to believe a word Rosalind says.
No no no don't make her likable or sympathetic! Dammit.
No no stop it! Go back to angry flirting!
Is this a trap?
Good. I didn't like him.
I doubt that, man. Mockingbird is nearly 6 feet tall.
Uh oh..... Noooooo!
Hah! He changed into "that thing."
Surprised we're losing Strucker this fast.
OHHHH gold stars for all the correct guesses week before last.

Edited for what is time?

[ edited by Sunfire on 2015-11-04 03:56 ]
Oh, my God, people - all of you Andrew-is-Lash people whom I did not believe? ALL THE PROPS.
Yep! We all knew this one...
Oh... frak... kinda.
We were already mostly speculating this two weeks ago.
Poor baby Strucker.
Mal Reynolds voice: huh.
Nebula, some of us knew it (you). Some of us vaguely wondered in a lackadaisical "nah, they won't do that" way.

Andrew must have taken his fish oil, though Lash had a different origin in the comics.
If I'm an Inhuman, I would not change, because vegans don't do fish oil.
Oh ick. Now I'm mad.
Well, if the trailer's anything to go by, they aren't going to drag out the Lash reveal, are they?
We were right! This was was pretty good at giving everyone a moment even though it is mostly table-setting. Next week looks intense.

Interesting contrast, Lash in the comics sees Terrigen as holy and kills those he thinks are unworthy of their powers. Show Lash seems to kill those he sees as threats to regular people.

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-11-04 04:05 ]
They haven't dragged much out this season. This makes me wonder where they're going in the long run. Probably the whole Civil War thing, but what else?
Great episode tonight with that Lash reveal.
So I liked seeing Bobbi back in the field and her and May working together. Hunter being a lost puppy because no one would let him help was hilarious. The brief glimpse of Fitz and Simmons was fun, if a touch troubling. Not sure about the Lash reveal. I know it was speculated, but I was hoping that maybe Andrew was just something else... :/
We get Blair Underwood as a maybe-villain definite-Inhuman intensifying-May-complication. All good news.
I think Jed and Maurissa said something about Lash being different on the show than in the comics.
Coulson saying "it's like a horror flick" seem like a shout out to CitW? Boxes of monsters?

Kudos to @AndrewCrossett and all the other speculators for nailing Andrew-is- Lash.

Overall, I really enjoyed the ep. I was expecting a bigger let down after last week's awesomeness but the ep was solid. I adore "MockingMay" (thx you Twitter for the name)

And I don't want the herd thinned. But I wonder if the portal is going to cause some kind of terrible awful choice for the team.
Man, you guys all called that one.

Also, I demand someone make a mashup inserting May saying "I'm Back" into every Arnold movie.
Yay! I got one right!

Wonder if Strucker is still alive, and if he will be Team SHIELD now.

I guess we've seen the last of Kebo.
So - none of us has really bothered mentioning Senior Hydra Dude. Do we think he's going to be important, or is he just going to be another obstacle for Ward to run over / poison / blow up / whatever?

And AndrewCrossett, yeah, I think Kebo is ... over.
Strucker is afraid of Ward. Either he's going to go deep into the dark side, or he'll be an asset for SHIELD. Or his beating could be a ploy to get him to infiltrate SHIELD. Then again, Lash may make him shit his pants.
Then again, Strucker doesn't seem to fear Senior Hydra Dude, so his role is still a mystery.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2015-11-04 04:32 ]
@hann23, nice point about the Cabin in the Woods callout - I say yes, definitely that was on purpose!
Senior Hydra Dude is played by Powers Boothe, who played an unnamed member of the World Security Council in The Avengers.
And Senior Hydra Dude was OK with nuking NYC, if he's the same character.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2015-11-04 04:34 ]
I think Strucker is probably dead. What would Ward have to gain from having one of his known agents captive in SHIELD, particularly one so inexperienced? Right now it seems like Ward wants to stay away from SHIELD since he's still building up.

Crazy long-shot theory I've seen on a few boards: Lincoln is actually Ward's little brother that was in The Well. It'sounds crazy but if they are willing to pull a bit of a long con with Andrew and need to justify keeping Ward alive over and over again it could work.

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-11-04 04:41 ]
Welp, I don't like Senior Hydra Dude then. (Stop picking on NYC, Hollywood!)

I too was thinking Strucker's "beating" was a misdirect to get him in SHIELD, or to lure May and Bobbi.
And Senior Hydra Dude was OK with nuking NYC, if he's the same character.

Yup. Seems like exactly the sort of thing an evil Hydra dude would do, doesn't it?
Also, since no one's mentioned it yet: "Safe as houses"! I lost it! Nobody else in the room got why it was funny.
If Strucker is already dead, it seems kind of pointless to have brought him on the show at all. He had "story arc" written all over him, so I think he's still alive.
He might still be alive but the show has dropped people before. Gravitron's still in his box isn't he?
FUUUUUUUUCk the news broke in during lashs transformation for election results!!!!!!
Good heavens, eddy, where do you live that election results actually matter this year?
Yeah, and what the heck ever happened to that Quinn guy?

I believe it's been confirmed that Boothe is the same character that he played in The Avengers.
May be in minority opinion here, but this was one of those SHIELD episodes where in their efforts to give every character their 5 minutes of screen time, no one is particularly well served. Hopefully in the next couple weeks the show starts culling down plot lines and cast members to something slightly more manageable.

That said, any TV program that features Powers Boothe in a recurring role of any kind should automatically win an Emmy
I think the show is more tightly written now, Dusk.

I like the Lincoln theory.
You need to move, eddy. You have the worst luck when watching AOS!
I think Quinn GTFO with the Gravitron box in the Season 1 finale.
Next episode, when Daisy finds out Coulson still intends to work with ATCU despite what he saw at the warehouse, will be the official beginning of the Civil War storyline in the MCU.
I was so pissed about local news cutting in that I forgot who was in the scene with Strucker when he talks about the monster. Was it Bobbi or May? Does May know about Andrew?
Well, Senior Hydra dude, probably the one who's calling shots on Hydra people who were in Antman. Now, that makes a lot more sense.
eddy May was holding Von Junior as he was talking about Andrew, so...yeah, she knows. And the look on her face...

As soon as Andrew started recounting what happened I thought "Damn! Those Whedonesque folks were right!" - it just seemed too...pat. So for the rest of the episode I listened to what he was saying as being Lash talking, not Andrew.

I was rather concerned when Bobbi went into the pool with Ward's #2 dude "And her lung's not at 100%. C'mon, May, finish those guys!" but it was a good way to prove she *is* ready.

Hunter, ya lovable nut. "Yeah, probably some anger issues."

So, let's see: Hunter wants revenge on Ward for shooting Bobbi. May wants revenge on Ward for holding Andrew hostage, and wants to kick Hunter's butt for endangering Andrew by shooting Ward. Andrew is Inhuman, killing other Inhumans for reasons unknown, but protecting Skye/Daisy. Daisy seems to have feelings for Lincoln. Jemma thought she was developing feelings for Leo, who totally has feelings for her, but then got sucked into the monolith & spat out on a deadly night planet and fell in love with Will, who Fitz is actually going to help her save if possible. Then there's the whole Coulsalind thing.

Damn. Relationships are complicated!
@Bishop "Also, since no one's mentioned it yet: "Safe as houses"! I lost it! Nobody else in the room got why it was funny."

Can you explain? I feel stupid for not getting it either. :)
ShadowQuest needs to summarize all episodes from now on.
Having Andrew revealed as an Inhuman is a great idea, and totally explains what happened between him and May. Revealing him as Lash is so terrible an idea I can't believe they went with it, as it fits absolutely nothing about his character as developed so far, and totally feels wedged-in and out of left field. Completely unearned.

I'ma just say it. Last night's episode was bad. Nobody was well-served in their limited screen time, and almost everyone was acting completely contradictory to their established character. And not in an interesting way. In a contrived, drive-the-plot way.

If it turns out that Fitz is actually lying about the wormhole because of Hunter's bullsh!t advice, I'm... going to get really mad. Marvel knows full well I won't quit watching, though. Dammit.
OK episode and I enjoyed the May/Bobbi action scenes. But I didn't love how they handled the Andrew/Lash plot.

The way it played out, it was SO obvious that Andrew was Lash that it completely sucked a lot of the tension out of the Daisy subplot.

Seemed like a waste of time, just to get her to the point where she could see Coulson on the drone camera. Which itself just seems like the writers are trying to build tension out of a misunderstanding, rather than something more substantial.

I also didn't really buy that Bobbi would be pissed at Hunter making the call he did, and would've loved to have seen more evidence of her internal "am I ready?" struggle in the previous few episodes. It felt a little forced and rushed here.
Hunter is a loose cannon; I wonder what they're going to do about that or where the show will go with it.

It seemed like Phil wasn't covering his dislike of, and impatience with, Rosalind too well after he told Daisy that it's better to cut off emotional attachments, makes the job easier.

I thought it was striking in the scene at the ATCU they are storehousing inhumans in compartments. To me, it was very much like the monsters in Cabin in the Woods being locked into those glass enclosures within the elevator system. It would be neat if all the inhumans escaped and wreaked havoc on that facility.
Tonya J I'm picturing something like a cross between "Cabin" and when the Initiative lost control of the Hostiles. Oh, havoc!

Nebula1400 Thanks. I think...
D-e-f- I think the "Safe as houses" laugh was on account of the running use of the phrase on Buffy.

Also... after a long hiatus I am so happy to return to Whedonesque! I've missed you all!!!
Welcome back CrazyKidBen and thanks for the safe houses splainly. I needed help on that one too.

Ooooh now I can't wait for Inhuman mass escape - the carnage!

[ edited by hann23 on 2015-11-04 22:46 ]
Welcome back. "Safe as houses" was used on Buffy a lot? I don't recall that phrase at all for some reason. Hmmm.

edit: apparently it was used in S3's "Enemies" in a scene where Buffy and Angel kiss. Of course Angel says it (old timey and all).

[ edited by D-e-f- on 2015-11-04 23:18 ]
Well, I was wrong about Andrew not being Lash. Gotta say, I agree with Agent, it doesn't make any sense. I just don't see it in his character. There better be some damn good explanation for that in the next episode.

On Agent's other points . . . no, I think it was a fine episode. Hunter was funny, May and Bobbi were badass, and I like that they're actually developing Rosalind as an actual person. I am a tad annoyed that the whole Ward/Hydra sub-plot appears to be going nowhere right now. And I'd find it rather refreshing if Strucker just died instead of becoming another dangling some-day plot thread. But otherwise, solid episode.

Sure gonna be some fallout between Daisy and Phil . . . .
I really enjoyed this episode although I was convinced Andrew was Lash two weeks ago so no real surprise there for me.

Seeing the containment boxes was very CiTW/ Initiative, we all know that ended well. However in my wild speculation I feel that we've been shown this so it could be an option for Agent May so Andrew/Lash doesn't need to be killed, but put on aspic and contained 'pending cure'.
Or they could put a chip in his brain so he can't attack people/unpeople anymore. :)
Finally got to watch, a few days late. Kudos to everyone who called the Andrew-is-Lash thing; I didn't think it made sense, two weeks ago. Still not convinced it does, but I'm curious where they're going with it.

I also agree that we didn't get enough setup on Bobbi's concern about going back into the field--as someone said above, it would've been nice to see that developed a bit more in previous episodes.

I also think it's interesting that Fitz is researching Will. Looks like what he took away from the Hunter conversation was: "what do you really know about this guy?"

I'm very curious to see what he finds out. He's obviously learned something about the guy already, and is not telling Simmons that he's looking into it.

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