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November 03 2015

Celebrating 50 episodes of Agents of SHIELD. The cast talk about their favorite moments in the show. They've come a long way. And check out that footage of Jed and Mo in Lola around the 4 minute mark!

I was just coming to see if this was posted, because it is awesome!
Love it!!!! This show has embedded itself into my life. It's must watch, hopefully and usually live, TV every week.

Jed and Maurissa are awesome. I so fist pumped when they got to ride Lola.

And Ward must stay the dark course. Brett Dalton is just way too much fun to be a good guy..
Ward is so much better bad.
Love all these goofballs.

Looking forward to the next 50! :)
Anyone know the UK broadcast date? (Trying not to read all the S3 posts for spoilers!)
So cute and funny.

Not to steal Chloe Bennet's thunder, but wasn't Pepper Potts technically the first human/non-alien female superhero with powers in the MCU ? (Even if only for like 10 minutes...a wasted opportunity, if they did indeed depower her -- still hoping we see her in Avengers 3 or maybe an Iron Man 4, maybe with a control bracelet or having been injected with whatever stabilized Mike Peterson/Deathlok, but able to use her Extremis powers when necessary...her getting the suit and saving Tony/being a total badass is one of my favorite franchise moments too)
I believe Chloe said first Asian female superhero.
Watching her and Brett Dalton was really fun. He is sooo evil now as Ward, but is clearly a sweetheart in his real interactions with the others. How long can they keep evil Ward though, without killing him or somehow resolving the conflict. He can't be the worst villain eternally with all the other plot threads going on.

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