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November 04 2015

The 25 best onscreen female superheroes. Several Whedonverse and Marvel Cinematic Universe heroines made this list. #1 needs no introduction.

Buff mentioned twice. As she should.
Well, she did die twice and saved the world a lot.
Sometimes you wake up and want to crawl back under the covers but you know you can't. When that happens to me I think, WWBD? Why, she'd check Whedonesque of course.
And then I find that Buffy, as we all know, is #1.
My whole day is so much better now :)
Sometimes you wake up and want to crawl back under the covers but you know you can't. When that happens to me I think, WWBD? Why, she'd check Whedonesque of course.
And then I find that Buffy, as we all know, is #1.
My whole day is so much better now :)
We are #1.
All others are #2 or lower.

-- The Sphinx
For a "best 25" list, half the list seems like complaints about how badly the roles were written, cast, or played. Would've been nice to see Summer Glau get some cred for River Tam and Cameron Phillips. (And speaking of which, Lena Headey for Sarah Connor.) Gina Torres for Zoe Washburn.
Yeah, Xena should have been on the list.

I'm probably one of the few defenders of the 1992 Buffy movie. The only really bad parts were Donald Sutherland's choosing to ruin Joss's carefully constructed Watcher mythology, and re-writing the ending to make the Big Bad deaths (particularly Lothos) lame.

I thought Kristy Swanson did a pretty good job, actually.
I suspect whoever put together this list hasn't seen Firefly/Serenity.
AndrewCrossett, Buffy 1.0 ftw!

libradude, or the list author is just focusing on characters from universes where you have full-on, alternate identity superheroes...

Which doesn't quite explain the inclusion of Buffy, or Max Guevara, or... I think this article is slightly broken.

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It's kind sad that the writer had to reach for some, uh, interesting performances to fill the list up to 25.
Buffy as number one is so well-deserved .
Melinda May
Katniss Everdean
Wonder Woman

Possibly in order.
It's clear that the author was trying to focus completely on characters from superhero centric movies and shows, rather than a strict list of badass ladies, to fit in with their obvious agenda to illustrate that women have not been properly represented in the superhero genre.

With that said it seems like they focused too much on the bad examples and left little room for better choices (i.e. Xena). More over it's odd to include characters with no powers/abilities like Black Widow & Agent May but not mention Agent Carter or Bobbie Morse. Seriously I think their point would of been better made if the list was cut down to the top ten with a statement of how we need more women featured positively in the superhero genre.
This list is so terrible. The author clearly has never picked up a comic book. Most of those portrayals are offensively bad and inaccurate to the comics. If Smallville's Supergirl is one of the better choices on a superhero list and Halle Berry even is on there (and twice!) you know it's utter crap. Which might say a lot about how Hollywood treats female superheroes. Seriously, Storm is not that laconic wimp Bryan Singer put onscreen. All of the X-Men characters were completely butchered. Especially Mystique. Props to the actresses for really trying though.

If we're allowing non-powered (Batgirl, Widow), and non-costumed (Buffy, Max) then Agent Carter, Ripley, Lois Lane (Smallville), Xena, Hermione, and Sarah Connor should be at the top. And Trinity, Hit Girl, Zoe, River, Leela, Emma Peel, Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow, etc. Even Katniss and Sydney Bristow, despite both getting rather whiny. Or Evangeline Lilly in The Hobbit or Ant-Man. BTW, Hathaway's Catwoman was by far the most accurate to the comics.
Indeed, the line between superheroes with powers and without is not so starkly drawn (no pun intended). There are a number of generally accepted superheroes who have exceptional skills but not superhuman abilities, Batman foremost among them, and also including Green Arrow and Hawkeye. That being said, it makes perfect sense to include Xena, Bobbie Morse. Agent Carter I'm not so sure of, since I think of her more as someone good with a gun and smarts rather than the kind of hand to hand skill that we see from Agents May and Morse.

And unquestionably River Tam needs to be included in any super-powered women list.

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