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November 05 2015

Not even an '80s training montage can help Giles slay Buffy's demons. Writers look back on "Once More, With Feeling."

I kind of like the theory that it was actually Dawn that summoned Sweet and Xander took the fall for her.
The only thing that would have improved OMWF for me would have been more Giles singing. ASH has a gorgeous voice.
* Note to self: Don't read the comments in articles; infuriating as self-satisfied oafs judge from their armchairs. I particularly, as far as I got anyway, couldn't believe the "no long-term functioning relationships" remark. There are plenty and not necessarily romantic; Buffy and her friends are their own family. Buffy and Angel, always there for each other even if apart. On and on. I thought the fact the "non-singers" in the cast were very brave to do so--would it be preferred they were all Broadway pros or something? How reality-based would that be (Ugh). It works because the cast is just themselves as the characters, at whatever level of musicianship, functioning within the magical spell plot.

Sweet and astute review of a great episode. If the author missed the episode in which Giles sings Behind Blue Eyes, find it now!
Tonya J, I have the same note to self as you and you've already said everything I came here to say :)
I was also annoyed by the comment where someone was talking about SMG's "inability" to hit the note on the word "Heaven" and not understanding it was intentional for mood reasons. Ugh, I just can't deal with anyone trashing SMG in any way at all but especially her singing, just the fact that she took on the challenge of singing even though she's not considered a "singer" blows me away, I'm so grateful to SMG for doing it herself, it wouldn't have been the same with someone else singing. I think they all did a great job. Also I agree with ActualSize, more Giles singing is always a great thing!
And the fact that the soundtrack is the only cd I listen to in my car has no influence on my opinion. Nope, not at all :D
These comments actually seemed pretty tame and respectful, even if they were voicing opinions I disagreed with. But YMMV, I guess.

Nice write-up, great episode. Glad the musical has held up all these years later -- not sure if there's another musical episode of TV that has achieved that feat.
I agree with SMG being very brave and, like with the rest of the show, she had to do most of the heavy lifting. We were lucky to have her.

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