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"They swear there was a memo."
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November 06 2015

James Marsters talks new project Metal Hurlant, Buffy and more. Marsters met with Be for an interview while he was in Paris.

Always gives interesting interviews. Wish I could see more of him in my shows. He should come on Person of Interest! He'd have so much fun playing in that world.
That was a nice interview, interesting and good to see some different discussion rather than the oft heard facts/lines.
Still love those 5 words - his delivery kills me every time.
Did he really say that George Lucas wrote the story for Apocalypse Now? Because IMDB disagrees with him.
@blackmarketbeagle. He was talking about Star Wars in that segment. I understood the Apocalypse Now statement to indicate an analogy to the theme, not a writing credit
@blackmarketbeagle, Lucas was actually the director initially attatched to the project- and helped in the early development of the story, but eventually left the project to focus on American Graffiti and Star Wars.
(So I think Marsters is partially correct with regards to Lucas.)

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