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"We totally Shadowcatted! Chase is gona be so jealous!"
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November 06 2015

Mark Dacascos joins 'Agents of SHIELD'. You'll recognise him from 'Hawaii Five-O' and 'Iron Chef America'.

He'll be the successor of BBQ Kebo, I guess.
No it says he works for SHIELD as head of security. Maybe Coulson is fortifying his side for Civil War?
Huh. I could have sworn it said he was head of security for Hydra.
Good, he's always fun.
Another Whedonverse Hawaii Five-0 connection. Good. Wo Fat got tiresome after awhile, but he's a good actor and I look forward to seeing him as a different character.
Brotherhood of the Wolf was a lot of fun, too.
I do remember him from The Crow tv series too. So I'm expecting so fancy ass kicking... ;)
Oh, of course, Brotherhood of the Wolf - I love that guy. Don't watch 5-0 much. Thanks for the reminder, tomg!

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