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November 08 2015

Bid on signed Whedonverse collectibles and more, proceeds go to Equality Now. Can't Stop The Serenity have a great auction this year. There's some lovely stuff to be had.

I think my favourite is the hand crocheted crew along with a "Kaylee's Baby" in honour of Jewel Staite's pregnancy.
You're Never Weird on the Internet.
Almost signed by Felicia Day.

is how I read it.
hahaha Yeah, I really should have put the title in quotes. Though I could certainly see Felicia saying "Sure, I'd be happy to sign you... PCYSH!" Comedy, and all.
Ok, since it's been asked multiple times elsewhere... international shipping.

Yes, the quoted shipping on a lot of the items is stupidly high. This is partly due to eBay's crappy interface for setting your shipping options, and partly due to me checking the wrong box here or there.

I'm currently going through and switching the intl shipping option from Priority to First Class, where it will let me, should should drop the intl shipping cost considerably (like from $45 to $6 in some cases).

There are some places where I can't fix it. But when I actually ship each item, I'll use whatever the most efficient method actually is, and refund whatever difference there may be.

Feel free to ping use "ask the seller a question" on eBay to ping me for the dimensions and weight on any given item, so you can figure out the best shipping option for your country, and how much that's likely to be. I'm happy to ship however makes the most sense.

And, of course, I'm happy to combine shipping if you win multiple items. So bid early, bod often!

- This year's auction lackey

[ edited by RayHill on 2015-11-09 06:27 ]
Our very BIG thanks to Ray who agreed to do all the heavy lifting (sometimes literally) for Can't Stop The Serenity's auction. He agreed to keep all the items, photograph them, prep them for auction, list them, track them, ship them....
Wow. That's pretty great, RayHill!
RobynH, that's how I read it too! ;p then I remembered the title of the book.
Remember, the more items you win, the more I can combine shipping, and the easier my life will be. So bid, bid, bid!! :-)
Less than 18 hours left on the auction. There are still bargains to be had and great gifts to bid on if you are the generous sort.
With all that is happening in the world right now, supporting an organisation like Equality Now makes a lot of sense.
The auction is now live and I am amazed at how little some things are going for. A Joss Whedon signed DVD or poster? Who wouldn't want that??

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