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November 10 2015

Joss Whedon is working on a new musical. He made the comments at last night's Q&A at the Oxford Union. Highlights from that talk can be found here.

I speculated to my husband just the other night that this was Joss's next project. *looks sidelong at signed Joss is a Hottie hat that says "I'm in your head" in it*
Oh wow! Great news to hear early on a dark and gloomy Tuesday morning. And I can get over the project's lack of horribleness super fast.
"His favourite actors to work with are Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, Amy Acker and Amy Acker."

Yes, yes, yes, yes! I want more things by Joss that have Amy in them! :)
A off Broadway musical, please. Or one on Snapchat.
Joss should totally watch more Mad Men.
I want something live that gives me an excuse to travel and an opportunity to stagedoor Joss.
I'm going to star saving for that trip to New York for his Off-Broadway musical. It could be Bunnies.
I'm actually more psyched for an all-new musical than for a Doctor Horrible sequel. (I would also be psyched for a Doctor Horrible sequel.)

But I hope he's not going to J.K. Rowling us and make it a live stage musical, which I most likely won't be able to see. :-(
iZombie is gangbusters fyi.
Yes to all of this. (OT: returning home from NYC about a month ago, I actually had a brief moment to speak with Amy Acker while waiting in the security line at LaGuardia airport. It was a lovely end to a very nice trip. Always, more Amy Acker.)
I wonder if Disney will scope him out. They've got a huge presence on Broadway.

I'm 2 hours from NYC by train so that's fine by me.

Yeah, I'm that mean. But I do think he would try to figure out a broader way to share the project.
Hope this is the library ballet he's talked about.
Ahhh.. New category, soon.... yay!!!
(Seems like I un-learned how to write properly)
*warms up the "new category machine"*
I hope it takes him a while so that I can afford to go by the time this is a thing. I'd love to go to Hamilton, for example, but currently could not even afford tickets to the plane. :/
It seems like, if this is a live show, it would be a good fit for Fathom Events.
Did anyone catch Castle last night? With a duet by Nathan and Adam? Hilarious! And quite entertaining. Plus - Jazz hands!
I too only watched one episode of Mad Men. #things_shared_with_Joss_Whedon

More Joss penned musicals - yes please.

Will miss Joss in the MCU but if that means more original Joss stuff then I thing I can survive.
@ShadowQuest I saw it and was very entertained.
JDL Guess I better watch "West Side Story" - I had no clue what that song was! But when Nathan started singing I thought "Joss needs him in another musical." And now here's news of...Another Joss Musical.

"It's like Kermit or something." "Kismet, you idiot. Kermit's a frog."
I can only hope it's what he answered to one of my questions long ago.
I'm very familiar with "West Side Story"... and I have no idea why they were singing that. I kept expecting Castle to say "I'm distracting you, ya big turd blossom."
This is such good news! I'm so excited! All the exclamation points!! I love stage musicals but I also wonder if it could be a movie musical, because original (live action) ones are so rare nowadays that we don't even know what the modern movie musical looks or sounds like. Time for someone like Joss to revive it, I think. And didn't he work for Disney years ago so he could get to write movie musicals?
Prediction: It will NOT be An evening of Song and Dance with Ultron and the Avengers.
Surprised that Joss is into Reign. I wonder if he watches it purely for kicks, for laughs, and/or for the sometimes trashy teen drama, and/or for the showy nature of it (it IS beautifully shot, dressed, and decorated), or to see how it adapts history (it often sticks to the overall basic structure of what happened, but they've gone off on their own tangents, played with the timeline a bit, and added people who are not recorded to have existed in reality and changed the personalities or--in Mary & Francis' cases--the appearances of historical figures). They may or may not have also added magic (or else some developments have just been VERY coincidental--but no, as of the end of Season 2 and even moreso into Season 3, there's irrefutable supernatural stuff going on) the show's detriment, IMO. It should've stayed a straight-up drama, not gone genre.

Besides Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and maybe Jane The Virgin (I only saw the first ep), Reign is maybe the mozt well-cast thing on The CW. Megan Follows is the biggest reason to watch, as are the two leads and some of the supporting cast. They're better than the writing and elevate it all considerably. Oooh, and Craig Parker, who's gotta be one of the best period piece villains in the last few years, given his work on Reign and Spartacus.

I've done background on the show (especially back during the first third of Season 2), it's one of the most fun productions to work on.

My sister keeps telling me to check out Peaky behind on Brit shows.

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Jeez! Musical, western, horror, romantic, vigilante, animated, anthropomorphic pottery AGAIN??? I wanted something NEW!!!
Even though I'm only 2 hours from NYC, I sincerely hope it's something that will be available to the masses. A trip to New York plus ticket prices ends up being very expensive, and out of reach of most Joss fans.

But I'm glad he's been working on something original. Writing and putting on musicals can be a lot of fun.
Kris : Craig Parker rocks! he was great in Spartacus but amazing in Reign, definitely the main reason I enjoyed season 2 so much.

Yay for the new musical news! If it's in NYC I'll be there :)
Yay for the new Jossical, in whatever medium it blooms!
Wow, this was already a week ago!

I was lucky enough to be one of those people who was selected to hang out with Joss before the talk. It was surreal to say the least. He seemed to enjoy being there despite falling ill during his flight and answered every question that was thrown at him with his characteristic wit and humor.

It was great getting an update on his upcoming work but what didn't get reported anywhere - and it's a shame that it didn't - is that Joss hung around in the Union bar afterwards for close to two hours and signed autographs and took photos with every single person that wanted one. There were easily 100-150 people there (if not more) and the bar isn't that big either! A lot of the celebrities that come here tend not to hang out afterwards for (what I assume is a) fear of being mobbed. Despite drawing the biggest crowd so far this term, Joss didn't mind it one bit and was extremely gracious towards everyone he met.

Somewhat unashamedly I went up to him twice afterwards - once to take a photo, and the second time to get an autograph. I also brought myself to tell him that I've been a fan of his for close to 20 years now and that his works have been a major influence in my life. His response: "Thanks! That doesn't make me feel old at all!"

By far one of the best days of my life.
Cool. I'm hoping the video will be going up soon.
That is really fantastic, Ameer. I'm glad he was able to spend time with people.
Simon, the video should be up in another two weeks or so. They usually wait a little under a month before putting them up.

Sunfire, it was a fantastic evening! It was great to see how much Joss enjoyed interacting with his fans.

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