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November 11 2015

See Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman December 5th in Manhattan Beach, CA. Manhattan Beach comic book store the Comic Bug apparently got a copy of Joss's 2005 screenplay for Wonder Woman and will perform it in front of an audience in December.

I want to read that script. :(
I can't see this coming under the fair use category. Cease and desist on its way?
The script can be found online. I doubt they are charging ( I can't remember the store doing that.) And the flyer I saw said Saturday December 5th (not hits Saturday). In the city of Manhattan Beach at the store. (Not "on Manhattan Beach".)
Not sure if they will get a C&D (does WB own the rights to it?) but it certainly doesn't seem like something Joss would really endorse. In fact, I vaguely recall him saying at one point that he had it put away in a drawer somewhere in his office and had no intention in ever releasing it because it was an unfinished/rough draft.

Of course, I still wish I had the time to go this Saturday and would love to be able to read it! Been curious about his take on WW for years!!
It IS in December, in California. I've corrected the entry and linked to the Facebook announcement for the event, since the original source was inaccurate. It seems the date for the event was originally in November.
I've read the leaked draft (sorry if I wasn't supposed to, but I enjoyed it). There's some roughness to it, but that thing was really promising. Not quite camera ready, and slightly hard to follow in a couple of places, but far from so fundamentally broken that it would require a whole new and completely different treatment (which I believe is what they asked for, and got, and rejected with still no specifics as to what they wanted). It read to me as maybe one slight structure/pacing/clarity rewrite and one final light polish short of ready. Could've been an awesome movie if given a chance. A lot of great ideas and moments in there.
I've read the beginning of the leaked draft, but for some reason I had it in my head that it was a hoax - but perhaps I'm conflating "rough draft" and "hoax"?
If it was a hoax, it was a pretty impressive hoax, because it had a lot of good stuff in it.
I'd be so surprised if this was either something Joss was down with, or if it was allowed to happen. (It seems like something one could pull off privately, but *publicly*?! Yeah, I dunno...)

Much as I'd love to see this performed (or any other unproduced Joss-script, for that matter, *coughGONERScough*) unless it was put on or at least approved by Joss himself, I don't think I could support it... and if it had his approval, they'd be mentioning it in their promotion.
^Yeah. I'll have to pass. If it were approved, I'd be there for sure.
I find it hard to believe it can be legal.

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