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November 12 2015

Buffy's impact on today's superhero shows. CBR looks at how Buffy influences the current comic book shows.

Something I find really interesting in this one is the bit about seeing the individual writer's voices in the Buffy episodes. This is something my wife and I took great glee in doing: "Ooh, it's a Jane ep!" "Shhh, Shhh - this one's Joss" etc. It felt fairly easy to do this on Buffy but it's been hard to do it since.

I honestly think that it's a good part of the reason that I was able to get so invested in Buffy and this episode 'flavour' - enjoying the eps on a whole new level was something I got into well before finding the Bronze or Whedonesque (which was partway through Angel for me I think) and discovering Fandom.

I wonder if the fact that we were able to do this is linked to how well all the ex-Buffy writers are doing career-wise. As in, did working in a stable of writers that were encouraged to put so much of their own voice into each episode that we could tell on the other side that they had done so put them in a place where they wanted spread their wings and tell their own stories when Buffy/Angel came to an end?
I've always assumed that 'Buffy' had a massive influence on the way TV was written structurally, thematically, and tonally. It's not only in superhero shows where you get a mix of genres and one-shot plots alternating with season-long arcs. But is it just me, or did people used to talk about 'Buffy's example way more a few years ago than today?

I agree with the points about the writers' voices. There hasn't been a series since that's made me so aware of all the writers to the point that I can recognise their styles. I find this interesting, since we've been told that Joss remained so involved in planning every 'Buffy' arc and storyline. The writers' success could be because Joss is just really good at finding talented writers, but I think there must also have been a perfect combination of enabling them to learn about storytelling and letting them use their own voices and strengths.

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