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November 12 2015

Why Buffy can't win a Vulture bracket (and why that's a compliment). Vulture examines why the beloved and excellent BtVS continually gets knocked out of its bracket competitions.

I just don't care. Don't people get tired of brackets and polls and clickbait articles that don't say anything of substance about a show?
@Ricardo L. Yes! I am so with you on this. I don't even bother following much less voting with these endless 'contests' BUT I did read this article and agree that Buffy can't win these type of polls because Buffy can't be put into simple genre catergories.

Also, Friday Night Lights was crap popular jock kids drama. Blergh.
I'm with both of you - I almost didn't read the article at all. But I also agree about the non-catagorizationable-ness of Buffy.
"clickbait articles that don't say anything of substance about a show"

Actually, Vulture is one of the most 'substantial' TV/film sites out there today (it's borderline academic stuff- similar to A.V. Club). All their writers and editors seem to be very intelligent people. They each wrote articles about the shows in this tournament bracket, and they're all pretty great.

This is just one example. I was talking about this trend on the internet that Vulture certainly is a part of. Vulture is actually doing a Facebook poll in parallel...

As for the "high school tv showdown" that's on the site I just don't like the tournament bracket format. It's tired and it doesn't foster good conversation. Yes, they talked about the content of the tv show, but all in the context of who's going to win and I think that devalues the conversation. It would be one thing for them to do something "Hey, what are the best shows about high school?" but they specifically chose the format "SHOW X VS SHOW Y" and if Show X wins, it will pass to the next phase. That creates an aura of competition (as proven by Quinn Merrick's comment about FNL) that I don't think creates anything of value.

I'm not saying it's wrong, but it's tired, clickbaity and far from the best way of discussing television.
"... and far from the best way of discussing television."

It is precisely the best way to discuss television if the more "pure" ways don't draw enough pageviews to pay for themselves and thus either don't exist or put their publishers out of business if they do.

If the "price" of 15 or 20 substantive articles written by interesting, thoughtful, smart tv and culture critics is the veneer of a silly/fun bracket competition, than I'm more than willing to pay. (Note: the actual price of these wonderful articles is "free.") I recommend just about every article in the series.

(Second note: After reading my post, I feel like a shill, so let me state that I am not affiliated with Vulture nor any of the writers in that series. I'm Class Protector and I approve this message! ;-) )

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It seems like most polls online are won by fandoms that really rally themselves and vote over and over and over. I can't say I've ever understood that desire to 'win' something that's ultimately so meaningless. I'll sometimes vote once on these polls but I don't care enough to vote more than once, and more often, I just don't click on links for polls at all. BtVS is and will probably always be my favorite show of all time. But 'meh' to polls.

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