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November 16 2015

ABC's Mid Season schedule. Agents of SHIELD returns from hiatus Tuesday March 8th. Agent Carter will begin Tuesday January 5th with a two hour premiere. Both are still on 9:00 PM.

Does anyone have any tips for how I can catch up on agent Carter? S1 isn't on any streaming services out on demand, and the bluray appears to be Amazon exclusive and overpriced...
Agent Carter is available to purchase through iTunes, Amazon video and VUDU. The season 1 DVD is $25. Cheaper to buy it digitally if you are looking to save a bit. It's highly likely that Agent Carter will show up on Netflix streaming in the next 6-7 weeks as well if you want to chance it.
I'm surprised by the March 8th return. That means either;

1) they run a second two-parter in the spring, or
2) they shorten the season to 21 episodes*, or
3) they have a new episode on Dec 15th*. or
4) they do not run the traditional 3 hour finale for the Bachelor on May 17th.

If I had to guess it would be a second two-parter.

*unlikely imo
Peggy Carter!!!!!!!!!!! The hat! The lipstick! LA in the 40s-50s! Squeeeeeeeseeeeeee!

Will we get one thread please? Enver is in it.

Everyone simply must catch up. Spend all your dimes!
@JDL-Of those options I wouldn't object to less Bachelor. Unless they have really big story to tell in the middle of spring. Futon Critic only lists the show for December 1st and 8th so the third option is unlikely.

Last year Agent Carter got a post pinned to the side of the home page. Can we do it again?
@Dusk-I agree that reducing the Bachelor is the best option but I just can't see them doing it. My best guess is a 2 hour restart on Mar 8th.
Agent Carter DVD/Blu Ray are cheaper on Amazon UK and their shipping rates are usually pretty good. The Blu Ray will be region free but not the DVDs.

All episodes are also available on itunes & Amazon Digital, xbox etc there's details on the Watch page at

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I second and third hann23 and Dusk. Please pin a thread to the side of the page so we can discuss the show as we do AOS. Enver is in it, and at least three writers are or were Mutant Enemy writers. Plus Peggy Carter has appeared in AOS and Age of Ultron.
I will definitely get it on bluray at some point when it's on sale. It's crazy how much Amazon is charging for six episodes on disc with basically no special features, though, but I prefer physical to digital copies. (I know, first world problems, but seriously, physical purchases should be incentivized with special features! This release is pathetic.)
I think we should declare Agent Carter an honorary Whedon show.

And I think it's disgusting that AoS and Agent Carter are only available on DVD through Amazon. I have Amazon Prime, I buy stuff there all the time, but it's the principle of the thing. I think exclusives like this should be considered illegal restraint of trade. I haven't bought either season yet, but I don't know if they will ever be available in stores. It's just another step in the entertainment corporations trying to do away with physical media so they can force us to pay to rent the shows rather than own them.
That could also work for March JDL. The Carter finale is probably going to be two hours as well I think?

You want to talk about being angry with Amazon check out the Canadian Prime page compared to the US one sometime. Not to mention places that we find out won't ship here until we're ready to checkout or the habit of triple the cost of items compared to the US even with the exchange rate taken into account.
@Dusk-Agent Carter is going to start with a 2 hr. premiere but the rest should be single hour episodes (8 weeks for 8 episodes).
Last year Agent Carter got a post pinned to the side of the home page. Can we do it again?


And I can't wait to see how AoS ties in with Captain America 3.
March. Wow that feels like an eternity. But expected. Phew.
Exactly there's allegedly no need for 2 hour finale for Agent Carter, if there's no breaks for the remaining 8 episodes. However, they might do so to end the season during February Sweeps, and use the spare week between the end of Carter and mid-season return of AOS, to do another one of those Marvel Behind the Scenes specials, and show some Civil War footage, like the one we had sometime ago hosted by Emily Van Camp.

AOS schedule is the one that really gets murkier.

A 2-hour return on March 8th, seems already out of the picture, according to the article linked, it already shows the full slate for that date, including 2 new shows, one before and one after AOS.

They still need two nights with 2-hour episodes, if this is another 22-episode season, which I remember Jed confirming somewhere a few weeks ago. There's no confirmed episode order for The Real O'Neals, but at least Fresh Off the Boat will probably finish the season earlier again mid-april. And considering that the last Tuesday of the sweeps will probably still be for the Dancing with the Star finale, we'll probably get a 2 hour finale on May 10th (and another 2 hour entry somewhere before that), and that's considering that Civil War opens in the US on May 6th (several international markets are getting it a week before, but not that different from what we had with Age of Ultron earlier this year).

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From memory Hayley Atwell said that they were making ten episodes from Agent Carter Season 2.
(So we could get a two-hour premiere, and a two hour finale, with Agent Carter running for 8 weeks and SHIELD returning two weeks after that.)
Do we know officially when the AoS midseason finale will be?
Looking forward to this - I'm a big fan of AoS, but if forced to choose I'd say I prefer Carter. It may be the compact schedule is an advantage, that the era is so enticingly unique, or that Hayley Atwell is so frickin' amazing in the role. It far surpassed my expectations.

Need to get a time travel story in there - a crossover between SHIELD and AC seems like a no-brainer doesn't it?
Great Simon!

@JDL-Got it now. Assuming their is no week off for Carter it will end with episode 10 on March 1st. AoS will be back the very next week. If political coverage or something comes up that will change things.

@sab39-Not officially but it's off next week (24th) and the Futon Critic only lists it for two more episodes on December 1st and 8th.That will end it at episode 10 for the winter, like last year.

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Regarding Mid-season finale -

Just for reference (according to Futon Critic)

This was what happened last year:
12/09/14 (Tue)
8pm - abc special: santa claus is comin' to town
9pm - marvel's agents of shield: what they become (#210) [2nd season fall finale]

12/16/14 (Tue)
8pm - abc special: a charlie brown christmas
9pm - abc special: disney prep & landing
9:30pm - abc special: disney prep & landing 2: naughty vs nice

What we know so far for this year:

12/08/15 (Tue)
8pm - muppets, the: single all the way (#110)
8:30 pm - fresh off the boat: the real santa (#210)
9pm - marvel's agents of shield: maveth (#310)

12/15/15 (Tue)
8pm - Toy Story That Time Forgot
8:30pm - Shrek the Halls

Nothing listed on 9pm so far on the 15th, and both Muppets and Fresh Off did start their fall seasons earlier than AOS, and according to the link are both slated to return February.

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Numfar, Futon's listings page for AoS gives episode titles for December 1st and 8th then jumps to March 8th. I think the official descriptions of the last two episodes just aren't out yet.
@Dusk I saw that, that's why I went directly to the date listings.
I think the extra week is for the State of the Union address, which is always on a Tuesday. Agent Carter was interrupted one week last year for it.



Awesome! Sometimes I love you, Simon! Looking forward to discussing Agent Carter with my peeps!

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