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November 18 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #21. It's the first part of the "In Pieces on the Ground" arc.

Buffy, I'll buy you tomorrow on my errands. I wasn't a fan of the last issue so here's hoping for better.
I liked the issue. It was a great way to play through Buffy and Spike's issues—Harmony calling out Spike on his doubts and Vicki dismissing Buffy's assertions that her relationship is strong. Even though there was a ring match in the issue, the real fight was in the stands where Harmony and Vicki teamed up against Buffy and Spike. Well written.

On Dylan, I don't see why Spike would see the relationship as significant. There's just the one graphic novel set before Season 7 where they met and their relationship was minimally explored. The only significance I see in this reunion is the fact that James Marsters styled Dylan after his wife. I suppose we're supposed to see that potential in Dylan for Spike—a woman he could form a lasting relationship with. I just think we have more to work with in Buffy and Spike's relationship.

Should be interested to see how these character issues give way to the larger arc of the season.
ITL isn't canon but it was supposed to be set during S7, not before it (that was just how JM used to talk about the story over all the years he plugged it at comiccons). DH advertised it as early S7 then Scott Allie agreed it didn't work well because it clashed with several points in canon. But he then went on to say that it was just a couple of days out later in the season instead, yet in the story Spike says he's gone to settle down and is injured for weeks so I'm not sure they even read it!! Only what Gage confirms is canon at least.

The fact that it is JM's wife that the character is modelled on makes me more inclined to believe they would never keep her as a character. It wasn't well received that she was from what I saw and I have to say I thought it was a cheap bit of promotion.

I can't quite make this work I hasten to say, but I have wondered whether Dylan is a siren. The Mistress had Xander and Spike at her place and the sirens obviously could 'know' some of their inner wishes for a partner so perhaps they were able to gain greater access to their minds/memories once they were tranced? I just can't make any sense out of Dylan being there, managing to successfully stalk Spike all the way to a totally different city that she had no reason to connect him with all these years later. And, unless Christos is intending to rewrite the basic history in the canonical title, he's a guy she knew for just a couple of days before his week long injuries. It just seems either totally weak plotting or reeeeally suspicious. If they are wanting Spike distracted and questioning his relationship pressing on his insecurities will be easier with someone he is going to somewhat trust. Harmony was supposed to set the seeds (as flimsy and dubious as I think they were), but Dylan may then twist the knife. We'll see how it goes. If she is simply uber-stalker there is no doubt knife twisting will be her agenda anyway, just before she boils the kittens. :o

But the latest covers seems to show the Mistress trying to pull Spike under with her siren call so it could be related?? Who knows, as I said, I can't quite make it work with Dylan turning up so long ago and leaving the message at the bar, that would be one overly complicated/delayed plan to try and appear genuine. But then it was the same issue as the sirens. Equally though, super-detective uber-stalker status isn't much easier to swallow.

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I liked an in-charge and vaguely smarter Harmony. And Spike telling about her busting his head and her reaction reminded of a scene in one of my fics where she's talking to Xander about also missing Anya because she used to be a Cordette, Xander mentioning what her minions tried in "Real Me," and her saying "I'm trying to be nice, don't hang me for details."

Vicki definitely scares me, while Satsu looked off somehow, and the Uncle Sam imitation seemed out of character for her. And more proof vamps have trouble thinking ahead;
I can see wanting this gesture, but on some level it seems to be a no-brainer, but they'll go into it reluctantly.

A bit unfair to drag a non-canon character into canon, I think.
I have no issue with SPIKE: ItL becoming cannon...all it would take is a little, in-story, mention to have it take place during Spike's time away from W&H (after becoming corporeal, in ANGEL Season 5), to make fo it fit continuity (more or less).

I'd rather have ItL became cannon than to have Dylan introduced as a new character. It makes no sense to introduce her as a brand new character without the history of ItL. Othetwise, why call her Dylan?

..and she wouldn't be the first out-of-continuity character made cannon. Beta George springs to mind as an example.
Using Dylan doesn't canonise ITL. They have referred before to Joss' option to lift any parts of IDW he may want to, but that wouldn't turn the whole thing and all its details into canon, just what they choose to use and say. I hope that they did take on board that the lack of care about placement bothered people at the time, I remember a few letters came up. So sure the fit to continuity could have been a non-issue if they had placed it elsewhere and I would certainly welcome them correcting that. It is still a little tricky for fitting in with him gone for weeks if it is placed during AtS but it at least avoids a whole pile of continuity issues. But tbh the plotting and writing of ITL is still so bloomin poor that I'm glad that it still wouldn't canonise it.
I have Buffy # 21,Part I of ,"In Pieces On The Ground."

I got the issue yesterday.I don't really have much to say.The focus on Buffy/Spike with Harmony and Vicki trying to create problems had no impact on me since I don't care for the pairing and I'm not rooting for the relationship.So that whole focus in the issue has no dramatic interest for me.

As for the end,well we knew Dylan was coming at some point..

There were little moments I liked such as seeing Satsu again and here reaction to young Giles.(his reaction too.).

But that's really it.The focus of the issue was on a subject that I don't have any vested interest in and there were no real subplots for me to really get pulled in.
MAYBE...ItL will be canon but the whole story will be written off as an early confrontation between Spike and a siren (the case being that Dylan had/has been a siren all along).
But it isn't canon, they have confirmed it isn't, said it didn't matter if people didn't get the connection, and Joss' name isn't on the publication. They would have to confirm all the details start to finish for me to suddenly raise it up as canon and I doubt very much anyone would want to drag themselves back through all of that!! :D

If my siren suggestion somehow does work then I doubt it will be that Dylan always was one. I think they will have somehow lifted her from a memory as going into his mind has been a repeated part of the season.

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