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November 18 2015

Felicia Day in talks to join the cast of a revived "Mystery Science Theater 3000". She apparently would be playing the offspring of the mad scientist character Dr. Forrester. Creator Joel Hodgson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the series.

Also, Jonah Ray of the Nerdist podcast will be playing the new host, Jonah Heston.

That's great for Felicia Day, but Jonah Ray is so annoying. I can't stand to listen to him.
On the Kickstarter page there's a blank silhouette labelled "The Next Mad?" It's an obviously female silhouette, and it does look like it could be Felicia. She has also been promoting the reboot on her Twitter.
Yay to the reboot! Yay to Felicia!
I have no problem with the idea of Jonah Ray as host. I did recognize his voice in the Kickstarter video. Perfectly happy to give him a fair chance. Seems like a role that should fit him.
Felicia Day as a mad? That would be fantastic and I hope it's a true rumor. A Truemor.

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