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November 19 2015

Joss Whedon talks character progression, storytelling and pop culture. This interview was conducted at his recent Oxford Union event.

Nice interview.

However the reporter asks if Joss is frustrated with fans always focusing on the past... Which is exactly what the reporter does *sigh*....

With a little research the reporter would have known that MANY of us would love to know what is in the future for fans, but the reporter didn't ask...

Did they have to make the drawing of our favorite multi-trick peony
look like a police sketch artist's rendition of a serial killer?

"Be on the lookout for this man. Armed with a battered typewriter
and considered extremely dangerous to his own characters
if they ever get happy."
MeyrinkM, it's usually better interview practice to talk about what is publicly known than wasting time on something (like his future) that he's obviously going to be very careful about spoiling.

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