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November 20 2015

Getting intimate with Nathan Fillion. Great interview with Nathan at The Advocate website.

Nathan Fillion and Paul Rudd in the bromantic comedy, Charm-Off!
Villain role, eh? He did Caleb on Buffy S7, but maybe a more subtly evil role...something in the vein of Walter White...

"I think all the really great heroes have been taken."
Not really, we haven't had Marvel's Hercules yet... but that wouldn't be a role for him. 10 years ago I'd have pegged him as the perfect Wonder Man (Simon Williams): like a serious version of Captain Hammer.
I think he could still do a great Doc Samson (= gamma powered psychiatrist associated with the Hulk).

As for villains: I'd see him as a very cool Taskmaster, or maybe Grim Reaper.
Doc Samson is a murderer.

But seriously, Con Man seems to be an nice change of concept.
He *had* a great villain role - Captain Hammer. (He used Penny and then got her killed. Yes, Dr. Horrible did, too - also a villain - but even so.) Charming interview.

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