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November 20 2015

Alexa Davalos talks about her new show 'The Man in the High Castle'. The new show from Amazon debuts its full season today, November 20 adapted from the book by Philip K. Dick.

Not lying - I bought into an Amazon prime membership just so I could see this.
It's been awhile since I've read the original Philip K. Dick novel, but I do remember loving it and I have high hopes for this series :D
I have a dim recollection of the book... mostly that PK Dick was deliberately screwing with the reader's perceptions and what could be trusted. Can't say that I liked it, but the act of reading was weirdly compelling.

I'd like to see this, but not enough to buy a Prime membership... between Netflix and Hulu, plus the various free sources, I've got more stuff in my queue than I likely will ever watch. And because new stuff keeps coming out (looking at you, Jessica Jones), I may never get around to my planned Buffy/Angel box set all-episodes-in-broadcast-order marathon.

I've read the novel a few times and it's a great book (I've been something of a PKD fan for a long time). So I'm quite interested in seeing this, particularly as it's had pretty good reviews.

I'm not that interested in joining Amazon Prime though, has there been any word on it getting a DVD release?
Finished Jessica Jones on Friday. Need to get other things done, but since I do have AP, and most other shows are on break this week, I'll be sure to watch this.

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