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November 21 2015

This video shows why Joss Whedon's Serenity was a unique, genre-bending film. "Digging Deeper is a new video channel that goes in depth on a film topic. In their latest video, they profile Joss Whedon's Serenity, examining how it uses a whole bunch of genres to really succeed as a film."

This was excellent. Although the slight reverb on the VO narration was a bit distracting. But content wise it was really good.
Some interesting ideas in this, although I think the narrator makes some too-sweeping generalizations about the defining elements of different genres. And while the Wash/Zoe relationship may have turned the conventional male/female relationship on its head, I don't think it's fair to describe Wash as "effeminate."
An interesting video- but his opening narration about Serenity transcending the niche audience of Firefly to appeal to mainstream movie goers seems like abit to much of a stretch to me.
(As Serenity's box office performance could at best be described as 'modest.')

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