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November 23 2015

Can Hollywood handle decent, modest, good-humored Chris Hemsworth? A very complimentary profile in Vanity Fair. The Cabin in the Woods gets a mention.

I really like him. He was great in Rush and is consistently good as Thor.

It's a pity the Marvel movies rarely use him well. With the exception of the Asgard part of Kenneth Branagh's Thor, the Thor and Avenger's movies haven't done him or the character justice.
I agree, Ricardo L. He feels underutilized in his own movies. It can't be because he can't act, because he's an excellent actor. His 5 minutes in the 2009 Star Trek movie had "MEGASTAR" written all over it, and made me wish he had played Kirk (which is in no way a dig against Chris Pine - just a tribute to Hemsworth).

And the article is right. He's just as gorgeous in person as he is on screen - maybe more so.
Actually I enjoyed the earth bound scenes from the first Thor movie, imo the true "break out" piece for him. His humorous bravado, his chemistry w/ Natalie Portman all screamed "charismatic movie star here" I would agree he was a co-star in his own movie in Thor 2, and misused in Ultron. Really looking forward to In The Heart of The Sea - hope it's a good movie, does boffo box office and cements his leading man status beyond the MCU
I thought he was very good in Ultron. At least he had more to do in it than in the first Avengers movie, and his scenes were pivotal.
I think Joss used his humor well in Avengers but he was still underused if you take into account the villain was his brother...

In Ultron, he was not only underused but also misused. I don't think Thor did anything of consequence. I mean, he disappeared for half the movie, took a bath and came back like he knew what was up because caves.

Nebula1400, what did you like about it?

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