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November 23 2015

Joel Hodgson confirms Felicia Day's involvement in Mystery Science Theatre revival. Felicia is slated to play Kinga Forrester, the Mad Scientist tormentor.

Felicia is a life-long fan of the show. Joel Hodgson is glowing in his appraisal of her:

I don't remember where I first saw Felicia, but I remember knowing right away that there was something really interesting about her: both the way she looked and the way she behaved. She was beautiful, and yet, so capable of being character-y too: I suppose that makes her "adorkable." Anyway, I checked out her seminal webseries, The Guild, and was just delighted. She was like a geek Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show! And then I saw her in Dr. Horrible, and again, I was just so impressed.

I am very excited about this (and a day one backer). Felicia will be a fantastic mad!
Poor Felicia,
Now she'll be forever typecast as a Mad Scientist tormentor.
No one truly knows Hell, until you've been trapped in the Mad Scientist tormentor ghetto.

Mall appearances, supermarket openings, Avon tagalongs,
Ugh! It's like being a Tiffany impersonator.
The world needs more Evil Scientist Felicia Day. Sign me up.
Most fantastic! Hoping they get the full 12 episodes funded.
@sunfire ahem, Mad Scientist, if you please.
The ELE does not bestow Evil Scientist on just anyone.
Even for someone of such undeniable Feliciaosity.
So wait, does she torment mad scientists? Or is she a mad scientist who is also a tormentor?
Or . . . . , is she a Mad Scientist who torments Mad Scientists?
And if so, does she torment herself?
Or wait, is it a barber who cuts everyone's hair but her own?
Or, if she's a medieval barber, would she use leeches?
Oops, I think I've missed my train of thought.

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