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November 24 2015

Nathan Fillion is on tonight's Drunk History. It's their season finale, and it's about space exploration. It airs on Comedy Central at 10:30 pm Eastern. It seems Nathan is a fan and asked very nicely.

OMG I love love love this show. I cannot wait for this ep! I am so watching!

My absolute favorite was Octavia Spencer as Harriet Tubman. That was life changing -- seriously, I was sadly and pathetically clueless about Tubman's super awesomeness.

And @BillNye is taking over @ComedyCentral to live tweet it.

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I think he made a polite request long after he was booked and the episode shot but thinking the other thing is fun too.
Yes, it was tongue in cheek, I know.
That was fun and worth a watch, particularly to see Nsthan's first outfit but the Harriet Tubman bit still reigns supreme.
The episode that the link took me to did not include Nathan Fillion. Could someone help? Thanks.

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