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November 24 2015

Captain America: Civil War trailer. It's finally out.

So it's all about Bucky? Huh.

Nevertheless, me like.
Gotta have a sufficient casus belli for Steve and Tony to go all out, No?
This will be the only trailer I watch until its release. But man, judging from this, this movie is gonna have me bawl my eyes out.

Lookin' forward!
It's a great trailer. Has me excited for the movie.

Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T Howard: "I think we're going to need some more Terrence Howard guy."
This doesn't bode well for our stalwart heroes.

Anyone else notice this is a Hulk & Thor short of the Avengers??

I haven't been watching all the individual movies (Don't have that kind of money) but I might actually see this one. Looks intense.
so psyched!!

Though I find it somewhat cruel to get us psyched so far in advance
May 6 is so far away.
I'd say Bucky's part of the inciting incident in something that's been brewing for awhile. As someone pointed out on another forum, the Hulk destroyed large sections of a city in "Age of Ultron". The person who made him do that is now on the team. It's natural that the world's governments are going to get worried and start wanting more control over these guys.

Yeah, this looks good. I do wish the Black Panther bit was slightly longer. Even on the second viewing, I couldn't really make him out because it went by so quickly. Luckily people posted screen grabs.
Shadowquest if you want to know where they are

I too plan on watching no more teasers and avoid any spoiler until the release. A test of my power of will....

I'm still reeling from "so was I" *feels*
There's a very specific reason we need both Bucky and Sam Wilson in this movie... Is bringing up a comic book storyline that's about 8 years old considered spoilers?
The thing that struck me most, I think, about the trailer was how it quickly made me care way more about Bucky than I ever have before. I'm not even sure how they did it, but it's exciting.
I was hoping that I wouldn't see the trailer until Star Wars, and now I'm just hoping I have the restraint to not see it again until Star Wars.
He's vulnerable with his friend, Trentaferd. And we see how much Steve loves him so we do too. Can't wait for this movie. T'Challa!!!
I get the sense that Bucky will be replacing Nitro as the catalyst.
I think my heart broke a little with this trailer. Well done.
@jclemens: In this case, it would be a major spoiler for anyone who didn't read the comics, so it probably not a good idea to discuss that.
It looks like we get our first glimpse of Spider-Man on the ground at 1:34.
Second thought: I think Bucky might be the scapegoat for whatever actually is the catalyst. Possibly an intentional frame job, possibly by Hydra operatives within the government.
When I saw "Captain America: Winter Soldier" in the theaters, there were people who gasped when the identity of the Winter Soldier was revealed. When I saw Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man movie, there were people who cheered when Peter Parker let the thief go by, which I'm sure they wouldn't have done if the they'd known what was coming next.

So I'd say that even stuff from the comic books can be considered spoilers. I'd talk about them openly on a comic book website, but I'd use a little more caution on other sites.
I can't stop watching this!
If the catalyst is the governments wanting to bring in Bucky for his crimes as Winter Solider, that could work as accountability to the majority of "the Xanders" of the world in place of the catalyst being the debate over masks.
Also did anyone get a bit of Not Fade Away vibe for a second:

"What do we do?"
"We fight."
It's funny, there's just a certain type of line or exchange that is just too perfect not to use. It lets the very savvy audience predict the next line a lot of the time. :)
#SaveBucky Which is a story line I've been invested in for a ridiculously long time, so I am very much looking forward to this movie. I too believe he's being used as a scapegoat as well as being Steve's main motivation for going against whatever it is Tony is for. When you think about it, all three Captain America movies are Steve saving Bucky, and Bucky saving Steve over and over. Forget "science bros", these two are true and enduring friendship. Sorry Tony. But you are nothing to Cap compared to Bucky. Hell, Steve and Tony barely got along except when there was immanent danger! I am interested in how Bucky and Natasha relate to each other, if they get any screen time seeing as they've got not so good history between them. Him having shot her and all... twice. But Bucky was used against his will and I think she's the only one to really know what that is like.

Is it May yet?!

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