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April 06 2004

'Dresden Files' picked up as 2 hour pilot for Sci Fi Channel. So what you say? Well fans of James Marsters (who does the voice of Harry Dresden in the audio books) are hoping he will get signed up for this pilot.

Sci-Fi's certainly doing some... interesting... new series. (Besides the news that they're bringing back FARSCAPE for a mini-series.)

The one that got my jaw to drop was the animated series based on Mike Mignola's single issue comic, THE AMAZING SCREW-ON HEAD.
JM does a great job on the audio books and he'd be amazing as Harry, but the book series as a whole is terrific. Also, Butcher's created a universe similar to Joss' Buffyverse in that the basic premise is so rich, a tv series would have no problem coming up with storylines (both standalone or arc-heavy) for years to come. It's basically a clever melding of two genres, fantasy and noir detective. Lots of potential there.

I just hope SciFi doesn't screw it up. I'm not very optimistic about the way networks handle interesting shows these days. :(

But if JM is Harry, I'll be there with bells on. Jeez, what else will there be to watch anyway unless I start coughing up the dough for HBO, etc.?
Do you not have to pay extra for Sci Fi on cable in the States? Or does that come with the basic cable package?
If you're on standard cable, you pay extra, but it's part of the basic digital cable package, at least where I am.
The Dresden Files are fantastic! JM would be perfect in the role.
Isn't it kinda "Kolchak, the Night Stalker?"

Which isn't a bad thing, really...
Where I am (Phoenix, AZ area), SciFi is a part of basic cable, at least with Qwest, which is what I have. Come to think of it, we didn't have SciFi with Cox (what we used to have). But I'm pretty sure it's not digital cable either way.

Anyway, this is interesting news. I've been reading the Dresden Files and I've gotten pretty into them. I'll definitely have to give this show a chance, see if it's any good. But it's a little wierd that they changed his name to 'Eric.' I'll have to get used to that.
I get SciFi with my basic cable package. HBO is a premium cable network (or subscription channel), it's always extra. When I got it at discount for a trial run I found I never had the time to watch HBO shows, so I dropped it.

Kolchak, the Night Stalker? I don't know that show...but I don't think so. Harry Dresden is a very snarky, down and out wizard detective in Chicago. The Dresden Files books are trade paperbacks and not every expensive at USD6.99 each. The audio books read by JM are rather more expensive, about $50. each, but you can d/l audio clips of Storm Front at this website to get a taste of it:
Man, I love those books and have been excited since Butcher posted they were shopping the series around. Nice to see a big name like Cage attached to it, too.

*starts hoping*
Well Kolchak was a hard-bitten detective who dealt with mysterious and supernatural cases, like vampires, werewolves, etc...

Although it did have something of an X-Files feel to it, it was pretty campy most of the time. Good writing though, and the occasional genuine scare.

Man, am I dating myself or what?
Sounds like it could be very good. I'm not familiar with it but I liked the description. And of course, if James Marsters ends up on it, I'm definitely there.

Willowy, I remember Kolchak too!
Heh heh, well that's a relief! I'm not the only one... thanks, blwessels!

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