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December 01 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x09 "Closure". The episode was written by Brent Fletcher and directed by Kate Woods.

Getting prepared for the penultimate episode of 2015.
I have a feeling I'm going to be running around in circles screaming in an hour or so. :P
The tweets about this one have been ominous. Clark Gregg's Coulsalind tattoo is great though.
Howdy! (Was late. Reading Bucky fic...) It's a Marvel kinda day!
This hatedating is going to lead to hatemarriage next season at this rate.
Oh they're back to flirting... hmm.
OK, flashback - I thought for a sec they were running the old episode with Phil and Roz and the burgers.
OK. Laughing at him wanting to protect her makes me realllllly like her now.
That must've been a short previously section, I think I missed the 1st few seconds while finishing Flash.
It's just like Jenny Calendar....
Uh, is Ward just spilling all the beans?
Yeah that was weirdly I-am-telling-you-his-plan.
Exploding the air freshener was great.
Ward is better evil, yet, long way to learn not to go spy movie villain and spilling the plans.
Unless Ward spilled those particular beans on purpose...
Ward is not sloppy. That was deliberate, for some reason.
Wow,did not see that beginning coming.Ward has taken things up to the next level.
Yeah uh what Dusk said. Holy shit indeed.
Who called Roz = Jenny Calendar 2 weeks ago?!

Good lord, that was hard to watch. Like, Jessica Jones Episode 10 hard.
it seems all the finales have included killing a mildly important and pretty awesome female character,it makes me very sad.
Someone had mentioned something about Roslyn being like Jenny Calendar. Was it in discussion here? Because if it was, kudos to whoever brought it up.
Hah! Jinx, javelina!
Did anyone but me think of Buffy when the flames and spray can were deployed?

ETA - Yep, jinx, Nebula! After the show I'mma look it up.

[ edited by javelina on 2015-12-02 03:15 ]
javelina, yep.
I did, javelina. We may have the same brain tonight.
When blurry, that Hydra symbol looks like a uterus.
Holy shit! I was me! :D
Ah man I kinda of liked Banks.
Double shit.
Nebula, too funny that it was in fact yourself you were wondering about!

Poor FitzSimmons, they really ARE cursed.
Grack21 - I know! Was hoping Banks could become a grouchy team member.
Why not May, indeed. She would be a better director than Coulson and she is always skipped over.
Darn, now Hydra has FitzSimmons.
Yeah. You should have seen that coming...
"How'd you find me?" Hmm.
Pretty sure Fitz is not scared of Ward.
Can Ward die now please.
No. Freaking. Way.
Ahh! The little brother!
There goes the Lincoln theory but still...the show really loves emotionally torturing Fitz!
I still think Will is the creature Hydra worships, that it/he actually is in love with Jemma, and that Malick and the Hydrettes are not going to be happy when they finally meet their maker. ;)
Hmm. Was expecting the WardBro reveal to be twistier - like, someone we've met. (But not Lincoln.)
Do you really have the upper hand?
Why tell Ward you're coming?!
Poor Mack. He so knows Coulson is wrong.
Aw Fitz... Secret Warriors on deck?
So what horrendous cliffhanger are we going to end with? Argh.

Really tough, excellent episode so far.
Yep. Time to call out the Secret Warriors!
Fitz, Lost in Space.
Yep! Secret Warriors!
Aaaaaaarrrrghh took forever to get kid to sleep and now my DVR won't let me access the show. I blame Comcast for all the wrong! Grrrrrrrrrr
Ha. I like that guy. (The new guy. Even though I can't recall his name.) (Please don't die, new guy.)
Uh, Ward never had faith in Hydra.
Fitz, stop making me want to cry.....
Powers Booth is having the best time.

So ... Ward is going to Planet Scary?
Oh Ward, you idiot. (But yay, maybe Fitz will get to strand him!)
Ooooooo, interesting!
Since when was that chamber open to the sky?
I'm really glad Coulson didn't slam into some rock just then. He has really lost all reason.
Ooooh !!!! Couslon !!!
Chamber was open when they lowered the Monolith in 3.02

[ edited by JDL on 2015-12-02 04:01 ]
If this is where this episode is leaving us, I wonder what the mid-season finale has in store!
Sunfire, I know! That could have been fast and painful.
Well, I doubt he would have felt it much. He would be very dead.
Oh ugh. Ward is burdened with glorious purpose. ;P
January 19 for Agent Carter? I thought it was January 5.
Coulson... Kind of did go splat...
Has to be Jan 5th or it will be a mess.
This was a graat intense episode tonight and great setup for the mid season finale.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2015-12-02 04:02 ]
I'm 6 minutes into this episode. If the rest of the episode is this good it will be one of the best of the series.
Yeah...since when is the chamber open sky?

Coulson's lost it. One second later and he's be a spy splatter.

Hydra still has torture guy, Lash and probably other Inhumans. Joey's gonna need a lot of luck to survive this.
Yeah I think Agent Carter got pushed back.
It does, but on screen it said January 19.
In Canada we saw a promo for next week's SHIELD. With two extra episodes for Carter it can't be on the 19th unless everything is pushed back.
Maybe it will be a double episode on the 19th, because the State of the Union address is on the 12th.
It said a two-hour Agent Carter, not the premiere.
Yeah I think it was confirmed Carter is starting as two hours again. Just the day is apparently up in the air based on a US promo?
Not to sidetrack the discussion. It was just weird that it was on screen during the tag. It starts Jan. 5, skips a week (Damned Obama!), and then returns for another 2 hours on the 19th.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2015-12-02 04:11 ]
@Dusk The chamber was open in 3.02 when they lowered the big monolith from Zephyr One.
Yeah the internet is giving me conflicting information on when it premiers, because the internet.
@JDL-Oh OK, it just looked weird and kind of diffused the tension.
Agent Carter's premiere has been pushed back to Jan.19 due to the State Of The Union Address.ABC put out a press releases according to IGN.
Thanks, JDL. I was so confused.
Aw man. Anyone want to count the weeks to try and figure how this will work now?

Also, I put the promo for next week on the front page for everyone.

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-12-02 04:19 ]
Oh, shit, Buffyfantastic! Mad, now!
Pushing Carter back will mean either an added two-parter or a shortened season for one of the two shows. I'm guessing that they
were expecting the SotU on the 19th. but it was changed to the 12th, and that made a difference to them but why that is, is beyond
Maybe they'll double up on other weeks to make up for it? Didn't they realize that the SOTUA would break it up? It did last year. It's always on a Tuesday of January at 9 p.m. Usually it's the third. Not sure why it changed.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2015-12-02 04:30 ]
@Nebula1400 The 12th is the second Tuesday though.

[ edited by JDL on 2015-12-02 04:29 ]
Oh and by two-parter I meant two episodes on the same night.
Revised that. It's unusual. It's been the third Tuesday for decades. I wonder why it changed. I guess it threw the schedule planners off?

Whatever. I guess we'll have to take up knitting for a few weeks.

At least we have one more week of AOS before the long, cold winter hits.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2015-12-02 04:35 ]
Got it all working! Great tragic episode. I cried for Rosalind - and it was unexpected. And Banks! Ugh.

I'm echoing what others said - if this is the mid season penultimate then what is going to happen next week?

It was such a dark ouchy action filled ep, I loved it.

I'm concerned for Phil. Very.
It wasn't a very good episode for Phil. Losing his sweetie, then going kerplunk on another planet.
Next week we'll find out that Fitz was really Red Skull the whole time and that Simmons is Spiderwoman and than Ben is Glory.

Also the Agent Carter delay news must be really recent cause I'm just seeing it hit all the news sites.
Did anyone else worry when Rosalind and Phil first sat down to burgers and the get sidetracked by their conversation about her plan for the ATCU? I knew something bad could happen, then I forgot about it, then I was shocked.
I thought that scene was really well done but maybe other folks didn't get sidetracked.

In short, I was shocked at how shocked I felt.
@hann23 As soon as that scene started I knew one of them was going to die, just, I didn't think it would be so soon and dramatic.
One of the best episodes of the series. The Rosalind death was shocking, Coulson's angst was palpable, and Ward has blossomed into a full blown Whedonesque bad guy. These episodes are what the show does well - when they try to lurch into high adventure / SFX driven action they invariably fall flat. The twisty turny character stuff that doesn't need CGI always plays better.

Kudos to Powers Boothe - just love his delivery. I'm guessing this may be the end of the Ward/Malick Hydra operation. I'll miss them if that's the case. I'd wager second half of season starts ramping to some sort of CA: Civil War tie-in ...
@hann23-At first I thought it was going to be a dream sequence, of what Coulson wished he could make up with her,I assumed things would still be tense with them after he insulted her; even if it was for the right reasons.

When she started bleeding out and he didn't wake up I knew it was real.
I thought she would die, too. It's a Whedony thing to do. Angelus killed Jenny, leaving Giles an angry mess. Giles heads out to kill Angelus, but it doesn't quite go as planned...
Red wine and take-out burgers? Who does that?
I would totally do it if I wasn't a vegan who gets migraines from wine.

It would be cool if Ward didn't die, but ended up being stranded alone on that planet in the end.
YES!!! Back to sand planet, weird like Dune but instead of giant worms we have an Octopus-y (?) Hydra creature. I'd love to see Ward get annihilated there, but at this point anything can happen.
Great, gutwrenching episode. Ward is Angelus. I liked good Ward and I liked bad Ward but I can't like him anymore and that makes me sad.
@Nebula1400 Stranded works for me as well. I see Ward in a mental death spiral. It's going to be really ugly at the end, no matter what.
I hope they don't go for the Ward merging with the hydra monster. On the other hand, I could go for Fitz merging with it, and getting a wrathy with the Hydra folks. And I do hope Will is a manifestation of the monster, so that Fitz can be both Fitz and Will, and the monster will be in love with Jemma, but she can't think of loving Fitz, because he's scary.
State of the Union speech was only recently scheduled. ABC probably thought Congress would stay with the usual schedule (3rd Tuesday of Jan), but the first presidential primary is set for Feb 1. So I think they moved the SotU up a week so that there would be an extra week of distance between the President commanding all of the news coverage and the first primary. That potentially would mess up the Agent Carter viewership numbers if the premiere episode was then followed by a two-week gap.

Since the monster is attracted to open wounds and Coulson just banged his head against a rock, maybe the monster will possess him? Given his velocity through the portal, I assumed he'd have to deploy his chute in order to touch down safely on the blue planet, but then the winds there would have taken him miles away from the Hydra team.

Good episode... I always prefer when I cannot predict what's going to happen in the next moment.
@Nebula1400 I would be so into a Fitz/Will/Monster meld. Oh the angst!
I'm in the "Will was consumed by the monster" camp. I think it's a shapeshifter.

So how does Fitz decide? Or does he bring Will back...and then the monster strikes, but it takes a while to put the two together?

Stop breaking my heart, Agents of SHIELD!
Or the monster is a shapeshifter that hasn't killed Will yet but manages to kill Fitz and comes back in his form, leaving everyone suspicious why "Fitz" isn't more upset Jemma has Will back. Mwhahaha.
ShadowQuest, can't be helped. Jed and Maurissa learned at Joss' knee. But you have to admit, highly effective emotional set-ups.
First off, this was one of the best most horrible things ever and an incredibly brilliant episode of TV. I never comment but often read and now I have a question that I need the power of multiple minds to answer: What exactly has Fitz told Hydra? Am I being really dense here? Hydra already know how to open the portal, and that's what Fitz spent most of his time figuring out. He brought Simmons back by sending a flare and jumping through with rope, which is hardly the most novel idea or difficult plan to come up with. What am I missing?
@Sian: Fitz read Simmon's reports (presumably) and therefore knows how to calculate the portal's opening location. That is the information everyone on the blue planet lacked up to now.
I saw some foreshadowing in the exchange (paraphrased from memory):

JEMMA: "Don't bring that thing back with you."

FITZ: "The only thing I'm bringing back is Will."

That's the first time I'm seeing some merit to the theory that Will is the entity... or will be. I think it may bluff its way into our world by posing as Will.
I think it will, too, AndrewCrossett. I also think Jemma is the only one who is capable of stopping it.
Truly a rip-roaring episode. Ward has indeed kicked it up a level of intensity with this act. I don't see there ever being a redemption arc for him, unless it involves him dying to save someone else, maybe Daisy.
The one thing that bothered me though was Coulson claiming he had a plan for going after Ward and getting him this time. How is telling Ward you're coming for him in a situation where you will be outgunned, a plan?
@Sian: I don't think Fitz told them anything useful, I think they believe Simmons managed to come back by herself, and they sent Fitz to give her an incentive to cooperate.
I look Fitz's comment to Simmons about only bringing Will back being a basic vow: meaning Ward isn't coming back either. I'm really hoping Fitz has a plan. Because Fitz is a freakin' ninja when it comes to Simmons.
Fitz is smarter than all the rest of them put together. He can kill them with his brain.
That was traumatic. The deaths were very well done.

Love seeing Mack as director, glad Daisy's team (if you can call her, Lincoln, and inexperienced Joey that) is about to get a shot at proving themselves, and eager to see all this Ward business coming to a head.

Ward being left on the planet, trapped, as others here have suggested, is the most fitting end for him. Despite being deranged and sociopathic, he wants to belong to groups/get that family feel and confining him to a place where there's no one else will be the best/worst punishment for him (plus allows for the option to bring him back, if they should ever need to).

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