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December 02 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #21. More Nadira? Yes please.

Interesting cover; anyone else think the non-Faith elements look a little reminiscent of Bill Sienkiewiecz?

Not been a fan of sane!Dru. I can't remember; how'd she transition from souled to sane?

Ouch, Angel calls Faith wanting Giles and Riley closure "getting it together"? As if he never spent months (decades) constructively moping.

Archaeus replacing Angel as Dru's daddy? Angelus won't be pleased.

The Angel-Faith dialogue, both individually and together, doesn't work for me in the first half. After Angel apologizes, it sounds more natural and in character.

Brandt. Oh, dear.

As much as he pops up, I'm starting to think of Angelus as vamp-in-the-box. The reveal at the end fell a bit flat.

All around, not much happening this issue, good or bad. Will have to see where they take it from here for the season finale.
Anyone else flashback to "Enemies," Buffy season three, when Angelus made his reveal? After all he's the world's best actor.
Dru was only souled in the IDW Spike miniseries, but she "burrowed" Spike's soul and he took it back when he saw it made her hurt more. It's questionable canon anyway.

In S9 she was sane because her demon pet had removed the trauma from her mind, Angel killed it and made her loopy again.

Here, she's more stable because Archaeus is influencing her.
Dru is still crazy, actually. (She was briefly sane in season 9, but then Angel killed the demon who was keeping her that way.) I think it's just a matter of the writer not having her voice down accurately. Which is understandable: she has the hardest voice to get right of any character in the Buffyverse.
I got my copy of Angel & Faith # 21 today.Part I of the final season 10 arc of the series,"A Tale Of Two Familes."

I thought this issue was stronger then the last few issues.I liked the bit of confrontation between Angel and Faith.

I still think Archaeus is a weak big bad and as others have said,Dru's voice is off.But Dru is tough character to get the voice right.Wish we had gotten that Dru miniseries in season 9 with JL just to see if she could of gotten the voice right for her own character.

The Brandt reveal,that he's a vampire was big surprise.

I also the Angelus cliffhanger is a fake out or will have twist.

Overall liked the issue.

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