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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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December 02 2015

Joss Whedon will appear in 'Toy Story at 20' special on ABC. This one hour tribute will air next Thursday at 8pm EST.

Nice, was researching this yesterday, exactly to check if he would appear. So, yay!!

So next week we got Fall Finale for Agents of SHIELD and this Toy Story 20 special.
So cool! Perhaps, his comments will end the endless debate on what he did or did not do.

Probably not, but still cool indeed. I'm glad he's getting recognition for whatever he did.
Great special, a lot more Joss in it than I was expecting. He wasn't just hired for script doctoring, having joined very early in the project, and he was present for those crucial 2 weeks between the edgier version and turning it into the wonderful movie we all remember now.

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