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December 03 2015

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x10 'Maveth' Sneak Peek #1. Those left on Earth try and regroup after the plan turns to rubbish. The second peek can be found here.

>> Lance: "Just to be crystal clear, this is the part where the plan turns to rubbish."

So Lance Hunter has now officially started channeling Cordelia Chase full time.
He's the person who says what everyone else knows, but has the tact not to say.
(I love it.)
I disagree! Lance is Spike!

But as Spike fulfilled the Cordelia role after she left then perhaps Lance IS Cordelia.

Seriously, I am worried about Mac and Coulson. First, I think Mac is going to be forced to choose between acting crazy aggressive and risking his team and keeping his team safe. This will be awful and angsty for us to watch. And the outcome could be bad, although I have no idea what that outcome will be. Mac is getting pushed into leadership and that could go great but that's not the reality of the Whedonverse....**sniff***. He won't die will he? They won't kill off another black man, would they? I'm super serious here; I'm worried for Mac.

That leaves Coulson who already died and was resurrected. Coulson is off doing his own thing which is super high risk in the Whedonverse.

And I'm worried for Coulson and Mac because they are doing the same job. That leaves the show out of balance. Ugh.

Is Deathlock still around? I can't remember where we left him. Can he come an help Mac? I'd feel better if they got some help.

On a positive note, I LOVE THE SHOW. This season has been outstanding. I'm so glad I stuck through its awkward beginnings.
So you're saying Lance is Spike, and Spike is Cordelia?

Mike/Deathlock is still around. He may yet make an appearance.

Why isn't it Tuesday, yet. (I now live from Tuesday to Tuesday, as I did in the years of Buffy. Damn you, Joss! Or, Jed/Maurissa!)
Ah, the Buffy Tuesdays...memories.

Also, I tend to think of Lance as Anya.
Darn, we could tell definitively, for sure, if Lance had a chip shoved in his head, or a soul, or the First, or gained visions, or became a vengeance demon, and came back, and went demony again, and came back again.

Mo? Could you try all of these out for us on Lance and let us see what works?
If it's too expensive for the writers to work into the show, you could just do it to Nick,
and we'll just watch the results like an Initiative science experiment.

But I am worried that he and Bobbi might have to start annoying other people.

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