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December 04 2015

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson (and others) discuss Jessica Jones. Insightful interview of some of the women who brought the amazing Jessica Jones to life on Netflix.

Great piece! I had no idea Jane had worked on it. I really hope we do get a season 2.
I completely missed that too. It must be great fun doing that sort of script doctoring.
I missed her involvement as well. Well Jessica Jones just got pushed to the top of my TV pile of shows.
Didn't know either but not surprised one of ours has their mark in this great show.
Okay, I'll make us five for five: no idea either! And now I'm even more interested to check it out.
I watched it -- and I liked it, although, the comparisons to Faith will be up in your mind :-) Kind of like a "Faith in the City" thing. Overall, I really enjoyed it.
I binge-watched it all last week - it's great! And yeah, onethsndwords, totally agree. I kept thinking, who does Jessica Jones remind me of? And it struck me that this is what a 'Faith' mini series could look like.
Finally! I've been dying to talk to someone about how much Jessica Jones looks, and behaves, like Faith. Even her interactions with Luke Cage reminded me of Faith and Robin. Maybe her creator was inspired by Faith. I'm about halfway through the series. I can't binge-watch it, the episodes are too intense for me to take more than one or two at most at a time.

And David Tenant is amazing as Killgrave. I've never watched Dr. Who but want to at some point. It's hard to imagine him as a good guy.
It was hard to imagine David Tennant as a bad guy before Jessica Jones. He's been Doctor Who, Hamlet, a disgraced police detective trying to redeem himself, and much more.

And yes, the Faith vibe is real, but it does fade as the series progresses. It's great to know that Jane Espinson was involved; I can almost imagine her writing some of the lines late in the series. Jessica Jones is really outstanding.
I would have loved to have seen his Hamlet. Was it a film version?

He almost manages to make Killgrave human, when he talks about not understanding what other people want because he's never had the experience of not getting everything. But as the writers' say, to himself he's not a villain.
He was Barty Crouch in the fourth Harry Potter movie. A tiny part, but definitely a bad guy. So it wasn't quite so out of the blue for me. The weird part for me was that he seemed so similar to the Doctor in many ways. Same accent (not Tennant's natural one, he's Scottish), similar hair, same tendency to just walk up to people and tell them what to do, same impulsiveness - just evil.

barboo, it was on stage but they did do a film version as well. It's fantastic.
I didn't know, either, but it makes sense. Also love seeing women writing for female comic book heroes.
There is a DVD release of my least favorite Hamlet of all time, yes. :P
That Hamlet was filmed, but essentially a stage production. Patrick Stewart was the stepfather, so nerd credit for having the Doctor and Captain Pickard in the lead roles.
I had no idea she was involved, either. That's awesome.

I'm only halfway through the series ... had to take a break due to the intensity, but really like it and definitely want to finish. I don't want to click on the article, though, because I'm afraid of spoilers. I'll have to come back and read it once I finish the show.

I also thought of Faith several times in the first few episodes. Jessica's a little like an older, more jaded Faith, who never met the Mayor or murdered people (on purpose).
Told you. Jane is that silent writer. She's so good!
Just had the experience from seeing them (Ritter and Tennant) afar at my local ComicCon.

Thought it was interesting that he chose to use essentially the same accent he used as the Doctor for Killgrave (it is almost like viewing what it would look like if Tennant was playing the Master instead), that is what my question would be to him, if I had made it into the hall, what went into the creative decision to play him this way.

Anyway, was completely unaware that Jane was involved, she isn't even credited as an episode writer, so this completely caught me by surprise. Wonder if we'll some known names on the staff for Luke Cage.
I wonder if Marvel is eyeing up Jane for other projects and/or more Jessica Jones. But I bet Horowitz & Kitsiss would try their best to keep her on Once. The best episodes of the series were written largely by Jane. I'm just speculating.

I did get approval to watch without having to wait for husband. Can't wait!
Did anyone else get a big Angel vibe when

Also in additional Whedonesque resemblances, I thought Patsy strongly resembled Mockingbird.

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Barboo, I did. I felt like it was a nod to whedon fans - but knowing now Jane's involved maybe it really was.
I doubt it. In the comic, that character didn't have any of the characteristics that he had in the show. The only thing that he did in the comic, and this really was his defining feature, was to answer the phone like that.

It's a private investigator trope. Somebody answered the phone for Sam Spade, too.
When I watched the show I thought this was the first Marvel TV show without any whedonverse people involved. It turns out it wasn't.
Was very pleased to hear JE was involved with this. I loved it SO much--I've already watched it twice. The relationship between Jessica & Trish is just brilliant, and Killgrave is so very very scary and familiar.

Oddly, I didn't even think about Faith. There are some similarities, but Jessica is definitely her own woman. IGH did remind me of The Initiative, though. :)
This show, the first season at least, is so, so good.
@jcs, I did not get the Faith connection either. There are some superficial resemblances (dark hair, dark attitude, super strength, etc.) but the root of each character's pain and motivation is very distinct for me.

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