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December 07 2015

Unboxing the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two Collection Box Set (Video). Announced back in July, this Amazon exclusive BluRay set is priced at $249.99 and will begin shipping when it releases on December 8.

That's a lot of money for blu-rays that cost less than half of that a la carte without the box that takes up too much space.
Amazon is actually pricing it at $184.99 US right now. I don't know how long that price will last. I ordered mine on Saturday when Phase I was also 50% off.
Two birds. One stone. SMACK! Yummy dead birds.

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This look pretty darn awesome and I am certain I will own it some day, but as much as I want this I can't justify spending that amount money. I waited for the phase one set to drop in price and I can wait for this as well.
"How many bites till he gets to the chewy Stark center?"
The world may never know.

A fair number of new, deleted scenes and previs excerpts from all of the movies,
that I don't believe are available anywhere else. Pretty good so far.

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