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"Does being a ninja count as having powers?"
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December 07 2015

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x10 'Maveth' Sneak Peek #3. A Ward & Fitz discussion of sorts.

I had a very strong flashback to Gemma taking down Bobbi with the little hand stunner device last season.

I wonder if Fitz put a tracker, or some other nefarious bit of tech, on Ward during their "discussion".
Leo's not dumb. He knows how tough Ward is, and his move seemed a bit too straightforward and clumsy for the Fitz 3.0 we've seen this season.
Do yourselves a favor and don't read the article, they get a lot of facts wrong about the show.

Cool clip though.
Ha, yeah I don;t think the person that wrote that has seen the show, uh, ever.

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