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"You don't wanna hurt the Fett, 'cause man, you're *not* comin' back from that!"
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December 09 2015

The year TV deaths lost all meaning: What Buffy can teach current shows. Spoilers if you haven't been keeping up to date with what's going with certain US cable shows.

Oh, if only the comics were as strong as the show on this front. *sigh*
None of what she said is evidence that Game of Thrones is pulling the "fooled you!" gag. All she has is evidence to the contrary about Jon Snow. Plus Joss has brought a number of characters back to life after death. Buffy, Angel, Spike, Cordelia (briefly), Fred/Illyria (sort of), all died and came back. Granted there were many deaths that stuck, but Joss wasn't above doing temporary deaths.
Well.... mention of Game of Thrones books AND fan theory which may be spoilery

That said I do think in general TV deaths are taken back too easily in a lot of shows. Particularly nowadays when I binge watch most series so no sooner is someone dead than they're back again. The thing I think Joss did (mostly) well was that when a character died and came back there was a price or some character growth which doesn't seem to happen with a lot of TV deaths/resurrections.
Is this really a new thing? Because I remember death being a temporary thing on TV since I was little, which is a lot longer ago then for many on this board I bet.
How many people has GoT killed off and NOT brought back? Because it seems like an awful lot. If they're mixing that up now, it seems they've earned it.
Filing that one death on The Leftovers as a fake-out seems fairly reductionist. This was a very clear "this ain't over yet" type of deal, especially when you're aware of what kind of show you're watching.

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