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December 10 2015

Watch a new deleted scene from 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. This can be found in the Marvel Cinematic Phase 2 Box Set.

It's a great scene but, much like the movie, it doesn't make sense. Why are they fighting? I thought Thor was pro-Vision. Vision doesn't seem to have a motivation either.

And what are Vision's powers? I know he can make capes appear but can he do the same with food?
Making food appear is a violation of Gamp's Laws of Transfiguration (#canonjump).

Seriously, though... I always interpreted this scene as incorporating Ultron's feelings towards the Avengers when Vision first animates; it is only when he sees the wider world outside the windows that his objectives change. Vision has to go from birth to moral adulthood in the space of a few minutes, so a temper tantrum is not unexpected.

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