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"It appealed to the schizophrenic in me, both of them actually."
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April 06 2004

(SPOILER) New promo pics for AtS S5x17 and an episode description as well.

I put a spoiler tag on btw. And whoo hooo to Adam Baldwin. Oh I can't wait to see this episode. Thanks for that glady, much appreciated.
I like Scared!Eve a lot. Too much. Cocky short-skirted "Amn't-I-Mysterious" Eve I can do without. Eve being chased around by Mr. Baldwin, all needing protection -- hubba.
Love, love, LOVE Mr. Baldwin! I remember way back when I saw him in his movie debut in "My Bodyguard." LOL! Can hardly wait to see what type of twistedness his character can bring.
Well thank god I'm not the only one that remembers "My Bodyguard". What a classic. :P
comicscontinuum has the same pics in higher quality and without the logo on them.
oops I just realize I've forgot the balise and come back to put him
sorry and thx Simon :)
Ah no worries :). And I've always wanted to ask you, what season of Angel are they showing in France at the moment?
we have seen season 3 (cut and not all the ep 'cos of censure :'( ) last year and now, no more news for season 4 (except for people who can see private channel on sat where season 4 was aired)
Adam Baldwin in a sharp suit, clean-shaven and with a clearly wicked twinkle in his eye? Yum! You just know he's gonna be the most charmingly eeeevil character. I wonder if *he's* got a gun named Vera? ;)

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