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December 10 2015

Preview of new Serenity comic to be a part of Dark Horse FCBD offering. Our Big Damn Heroes return in a free offering from Dark Horse on May 7, 2016, known as Free Comic Book Day at local comic shops across the United States. The writer is Chris Roberson and the artist is Stephen Byrne.

But who is the writer?
Looks like Chris Roberson, I'm assuming the guy who wrote iZombie for Vertigo, and possible co-written by a something Byrne?

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Yes you're right. He tweeted about it earlier. Stephen Byrne is the artist.
I thought I remember Scott Allie saying that Jeanty was returning?
Even if he is, this is just a Free Comic Book Day one-off, not an entire new series.
I've quite interpreted this as a peek into the new series that's being released in 2016, rather than a one-off? Then again, I'm running on literally half an hour's sleep in thirty-six hours and my head's through the wringer from reading academia, so my interpretative skills are likely entirely shot.
I thought at this last years comic con (San-Diego? New York?) Dark Horse there will be a new ongoing set of comics continuing the story of Serenity. I thought they announced this along with Joss' twist mini which could turn into an ongoing. I am with TenTonParasol in thinking this is a sneak peak, in that I think the other stories listed for Dark Horse will be in the same book.
Well that's Stephen Byrne who`s working with Joss on Twist. Which might be the reason he's doing this one off.

The news about Leaves on the Wind follow-up was from Allie's intro during this year's SDCC, before calling Joss to the stage for the Hall H Panel.

A bit about this, over here.

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