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December 10 2015

Neil Patrick Harris may reunite with Felicia Day in Mystery Science Theatre. The kickstarter for the revival of the show is ending soon. NPH is being courted for a cameo.

Felicia is already on deck to play the Mad Scientist. Per the latest update: Neil Patrick Harris is a true renaissance man whose career spans film, TV, the broadway stage and the internet, where he appeared opposite our own Felicia Day in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Funny enough, though, I actually met Neil through mutual friends at the Los Angeles Magic History Conference, where we geeked out on magic together. Also, I'm honored to point out that Neil has always been a MSTie. In fact, he was included in first MST documentary - This is MST3K - all the way back in his Doogie Howser days!

inverse - that's really cool. I've known that NPH is huge in the magic world, as well as all kinds of other media. How terrific that you got to geek out together. I am jealous! He is a totally amazing human being. I need to check out MST. I don't actually know anything about it.
@Jocelyn you're very kind! Just to clarify though, the quotation I list above is from MST3K show-creator Joel Hodgson who's recounting how he met NPH. I'm not quite as lucky :)

MST is a clever little show which has a framing narrative of a mad-scientist sending some poor hapless fellow into space, and forcing him to watch the worst B-movies, to use said movie for world domination. To maintain his sanity, the poor victim watches the movies with robot companions, and they basically riff on it with witty quips as the movie is going on. Felicia is set to play the latest mad-scientist in the revival.

They're doing live-streaming marathons of the original show if you want to get a taste for what it's like:

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I hope that if they do get NPH to do a cameo, he and Felicia Day can do singing commentary of whatever MST3K classic they're screening ...
Thanks for clarifying, inverse. Well, maybe someday both of us will get to geek out with NPH. Except, I'd probably get all tongue-tied.

Also thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out. So much media, so little time ....

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