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December 10 2015

Watch all of Joss Whedon's Q&A at the Oxford Union. This took place on the 9th of November.

Hamlet, the Firefly spinoff that never was, the MCU, Much Ado About Nothing, Phil Coulson, Black Widow, Buffy, the secret musical, The Avengers, Dr Horrible 2, Hamilton, backlashes, and shared universes all get a look in.

This is great, a must watch. The bit about how we consume movies is spot on.

PS: I want more Marvel female characters, too! #kevin
I had to agree with him about Pro-meaningless (Prometheus.) :D Good example of a film with loads of talented people and potentially interesting ideas in it, which in the end amounted to nothing. As great as Ridley Scott is, he doesn't always manage to get hold of a sufficiently good script for his movies.
"Buffy the Lesbian Separatist." That has a certain ring to it.
This was amazing, simply amazing.
Can't remember if the one promoting MuchAdo with Joss, Amy and Alexis were also fully made available like this one.
I was only able to listen to half of it this morning before having to leave for work. I liked how he clarified what he meant about Coulson. Was just talking about him the other day and how it's odd that still the rest of the Avengers haven't been told he's still alive. I do think it's mostly because it would be too long to explain in a movie and also if they don't know we won't expect any of the Avengers to show up on AoS. (I think Fitz and Bruce Banner would hit it off.)
Sadly can't find any video of the Much Ado session with Joss, Amy and Alexis :(
I wonder if we'll ever get to know what that spinoff is about.
So good, so much Jossiness.

I want a Joss stage musical even more now.
Finally was able to watch it all, and yes to 'just hire Enver' because Enver as Kiki was pure joy on my TV. JOY.
Well, I, too, cannot watch the whole in one sitting. But what a wonderful Q&A! I will definitely come back to it to finish!
I kinda of wish Joss's takeaway of Dollhouse and fans wasn't as negative as it seemed from this clip (and it's a clip, so it may not be). I remember having a grand 'ole time with it. Are some of the episodes painful bad? Yep. So was Buffy and Angel at times. There's at least one Firefly episode that's an instant skip for me as well. If I'd met him at the time of Dollhouse, I probably would have gushed (past a certain point in S1).

Given Orphan Black, I'd say the target demo always existed for it and it had some reach by existing as well. It was probably more questionable how much of that demo existed in his previous fanbase though.

He's one of those guys that were it possible, you'd almost wonder what he could make with a nom de plume (were it possible in film). He speaks about repeating tricks, but unfortunately most of the tricks I see him repeat are the ones his fans expect or want. When he does other things (and has to learn on the fly), that's when I always feel like his support falls away. His fans aren't enthusiastic and the people that like taking shots at him turn up the volume a bit. That's always how Dollhouse came across to me culturally.

People's reaction to Orphan Black always validated Dollhouse for me. It's the show that got to learn from the early issues and crib the ethos.
Yeah I think Joss's comment that fans "didn't get it" is pretty condescending and inaccurate. My take is that it was a brilliant set of science-fiction concepts that were too dark for the network, and it was poorly executed on (meaning that the concepts were more interesting than their realization in the final show), mostly because of network demands. Look at how good the original pilot was. The first five episodes (maybe it was four) that actually aired were nowhere near that quality.
Yeah I think Joss's comment that fans "didn't get it" is pretty condescending and inaccurate.

Not really. A sizeable part of his fanbase didn't like Dollhouse at all. They loathed the show. It wasn't until Season 2 did it get a bit more positive attention and by that time it was all over.
A negative reaction doesn't mean that people "didn't get it." From what I understood from the video, Joss seemed to be saying that he thought people didn't like the show because it was too smart for them.
What? He doesn't say anything like that!

Look, we all know that Dollhouse had issues. We all know that it wasn't really the show that Joss was trying to make. All he's really saying is that the fans were supportive, but it didn't connect as well as he wanted. It was a rather short comment, so we shouldn't try to read much more into it than that.
Really enjoyed that, thanks for the link.
I'm assuming the "didn't get it" link related to not connecting emotionally rather than intellectually?

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