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December 14 2015

Drew Goddard and Vincent Kartheiser nominated for the 2016 Critics' Choice Awards. Drew is nominated for his work on Adapted Screenplay for 'The Martian', Vincent is nominated for his work on NGC's 'Saints & Strangers'. Marti Noxon's work is also recognized for the show 'UnReal' nominated for Best Drama.

So so much Whedony awesomeness! Hooray!!
Whoa, I wasn't aware Drew was involved with "The Martian" screenplay though in hindsight, I can see his markings all over it. Interesting to know.
And there's an article *by* Drew Goddard in today's (Dec. 17) Envelope section of the Los Angeles Times about his work on "The Martian."
unReal is one of the best shows of this (extremely great) year of television. I hope everyone <3s Marti Noxon's bravery and her storytelling.

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