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December 16 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season three to start on UK TV in January. It has moved to Channel 4's E4 channel.

*punches air*

*air forms posse*


Finally! No more lurking on the board avoiding all the spoiler tags...
Sounds like you will have time to catch up before AoS returns here on Mar 8th. Good deal although online comments seem perturbed about which channel its playing on.
E4 is mainly reruns of Friends etc so I am concerned why they've shoved it over there. Perhaps they weren't getting the ratings on C4. Anyway it's good news albeit very late.
They moved The Returned to More4 which puzzled me as I thought that was a critical hit for them.
Wasn't Misftis on E4?

I remember a lot of Scrubs and South Park reruns on E4 when I visited London a few years ago.
E4 has a younger demographic than C4, with one heck of a lot of US shows. It may well mean the show wasn't doing brilliantly on C4, though the Friday evening slot may not have helped there. To be fair, the main channels show less imported stuff than their minor offshoots. At least they are showing it.
E4 also shows new episodes of Supernatural and The 100, so I don't think it's such a strange fit.

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