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December 16 2015

'Xander the Slayer': Steven DeKnight details the spec script that got him hired on Buffy. It's an enjoyable insight into what's it like to be a TV writer.

The link doesn't lead anywhere...
Fixed now, thanks.
And then we got Billy....
Honestly? Like the "Inara gets raped by Reavers" lost episode of Firefly, I'm now curious - maybe morbidly so - to actually read the script for "Xander the Slayer"...

I think it could have been something, though a fair amount of tinkering would have been done to find the right line between OTT and hitting the mark of exploring just why the Shadowmen used a teenage girl for the First Slayer and why the Slayer Spirit keeps choosing them.
There's no amount of tinkering here. The subject is Steven DeKnight, an excellent writer. Please give a honest report.
Uh....Madhatter? Are you referring to my comment? Cuz I think there's been a misunderstanding of meaning if you were.

I simply meant getting Xander the Slayer to air as a Buffy episode would have required extra amounts of polishing and balancing work to ensure the right dramatic tones were met and things like character portrayals didn't go off the rails.
BLueEyedBrigadier I seriously wonder if there is somewhere one or more archives of spec scripts just sitting around.

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