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December 21 2015

FX Guru on Serenity (as well as BSG, Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Voyager) Mojo could use some goodwill. Mojo has been having some low times both health and money wise and is looking for a little help to get by while he gets treatment. Any help would be appreciated.

You know, if each member of Whedonesque donated just one dollar each. just one shiny buck, this guy would be helped so much. That's $11,984 dollars. Just a buck a piece.

I'll start it off by donating for 50 of you. Who's going to match me?
I actually hired Mojo last week to do a little animation for a Kickstarter video for the cat cafe I'm trying to open with my wife here in Orlando, The Kitty Beautiful. I figured, hell, I just got a two time Emmy winner for almost nothing and helped him out when he needed some assistance.
Right on, dstrauss!

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