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December 22 2015

Brian Michael Bendis talks about working with Joss Whedon. He also chats about Powers and Jessica Jones.

"Jessica Jones" has turned me into a David Tennant junkie, and finally gotten me into "Dr. Who". Netflix suggested "Broadchurch" after "Jessica Jones" because Tennant plays a detective in it and it looked intriguing so I watched it. And I am finding him so mesmerizing as an actor, I had to go and watch his most famous role. I'm loving the show. I can see why it's said to have been influenced by BtVS; it's got that mix of humor and emotional resonance. And there are definitely character parallels. She is the one girl in all the world who can hold back the demons, he is the only surviving member of his race (at least who isn't evil). Despite having friends or companions to help them, they both suffer the ultimate loneliness of the burden of a unique destiny - she saves the world, a lot. He saves the universe, a lot.

And both shows have smart, feisty, women who are involved in saving the worlds. So far of the companions, I like Donna the best. I love that she's not model thin or gorgeous, I love that she's along as a friend, to share the adventure and not interested in being with him romantically, and I love that she is the feistiest one of the lot, who's not afraid to talk back to the Dr. And I probably would never be watching this show if it weren't for the Whedonverse.

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